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University Facilities Rental Rates

Effective July 01, 2023

*Rates include basic custodial service and standard room setups.

Room Rental Rate
MUC 103C $85
MUC 303 $160
MUC 305 $160
MUC 303/305 $320
MUC 306 $85
MUC 307  $200
MUC 308  $85
MUC 310 $85
MUC 312 $85
MUC Ballroom A $550
MUC Ballroom B $550
MUC Ballroom C $550
MUC Ballroom AB $800
MUC Ballroom BC $800
MUC Ballroom ABC $950
MUC Jenkins Gallery $85
MUC Student Art Gallery (Across from 307) $85
MUC Plaza $250
Display Table $60


For additional information about the Morgan University Center please visit apsu.edu/university-facilities/university-center/

Room Rental Rate
Academic Classrooms             $85+ per room


Room Rental Rate
Mabry Concert Hall             $1,000


For additional information about Music/Mass Communication and the Mabry Concert Hall please visit apsu.edu/music/facilities

Room Rental Rate  
Memorial Health Gym $900 Price includes basic custodial service and using gym as-is.


Room Rental Rate
Clement Auditorium             $925

Price includes: space rental and cost of custodial services 

For additional information about the Clement Auditorium please visit  apsu.edu/university-facilities/clementauditorium.php

Room Rental Rate  
416 College Street $750 Price does not include setup, cleaning, or other event services.
For additional information about the Foy Fitness & Recreation Center please visit apsu.edu/recreation/facilities/res-info.

Rental Rate




$2,500 per event plus costs


Tennis Courts (Outdoor)

$15/hour/2 hour blocks

Governors Stadium       Stadium/Track/Field      

$2,000/event $250/hour

  Club Room $400/event (Campus Catering Only)
  Concourse $100/hour


For additional information about the Athletic Facilities please visit letsgopeay.com/facilities.


Additional Fees:   



UC Building Supervisor (if needed) 


$15 per hour (3-hour minimum; exception if needed for extended building hours)



CL Auditorium Audio/Visual Technical Assistant (if needed)


$20 per hour (3-hour minimum)



Mabry Concert Hall Technical Director

$20 per hour


Mabry Concert Hall Sound Technician

$20 per hour


Mabry Concert Hall Lighting Technician

$20 per hour


Public Safety


$30 per hour**



Custodial Services (if needed)


$150 usual cleanup*** (3-hour minimum)



Setup Fee for University Center Ballroom


$25 per section



Setup Fee for University Center Meeting Rooms        


$25 per room



Large or Complex Setup/Reset

$15 hourly personnel cost per person, plus required supplies (i.e. gaffers tape)


**Click here to view the Police Staffing Matrix


***The standard clean-up fee is $150.00, however if the event involves a performance/play, dance event/recital, an athletic practice/event, a prom, or a large party the clean-up fee will be $250.00 to be able to cover all of the custodial costs involved.

Event support services and enhancements must be requested in advance. Request approvals are based on equipment availability, event timing, and staffing. 


To view current rates please view Morgan University Center Technology, Equipment, and Service Fees.

Registered Student Organizations - Actively registered organizations are not charged room rental rates.


University Departments and Offices - Approved meetings and events that serve an official university purpose are not charged room rental rates.


Staff and Faculty - Currently employed University employees wishing to reserve space for personal reasons receive 20% off their room rate upon request.


Alumni - Receive 10% off their room rate upon request.


Nonprofit Organizations - As a public institution we truly appreciate the important work nonprofits do and are thankful for your interest in our venues. Unfortunately we currently do not offer any nonprofit discounts. 


Note - Discounts only apply to room rates. Discounts are not applied to services or staffing fees.