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University Facilities Rental Rates

Effective July 01, 2021

*Rates include basic custodial service and standard room setups.

Room Rental Rate
MUC 103A $85
MUC 103BC $160
MUC 303 $160
MUC 305 $160
MUC 303/305 $320
MUC 306 $85
MUC 307  $200
MUC 308  $85
MUC 310 $85
MUC 312 $85
MUC Ballroom A $550
MUC Ballroom B $550
MUC Ballroom C $550
MUC Ballroom AB $800
MUC Ballroom BC $800
MUC Ballroom ABC $950
MUC Jenkins Gallery $85
MUC Student Art Gallery (Across from 307) $85
MUC Plaza $250
Display Table $60


For additional information about the Morgan University Center please visit https://www.apsu.edu/university-facilities/university-center/

Room Rental Rate
Academic Classrooms             $85+ per room


Room Rental Rate
Mabry Concert Hall             $1,000


For additional information about Music/Mass Communication and the Mabry Concert Hall please visit https://www.apsu.edu/music/facilities

Room Rental Rate  
Memorial Health Gym             $1,500 Price includes: space rental, cost of custodial service, and laying floor covering
Memorial Health Gym $900 Price includes basic custodial service and using gym as-is.


Room Rental Rate
Clement Auditorium             $925

Price includes: space rental and cost of custodial services 

For additional information about the Clement Auditorium please visit  https://www.apsu.edu/university-facilities/clementauditorium.php

For additional information about the Foy Fitness & Recreation Center please visit https://www.apsu.edu/recreation/facilities/res-info.

Rental Rate




$2,500 per event plus costs


Tennis Courts (Outdoor)

$15/hour/2 hour blocks

Governors Stadium       Stadium/Track/Field      

$2,000/event $250/hour

  Club Room $400/event (Campus Catering Only)
  Concourse $100/hour


For additional information about the Athletic Facilities please visit http://www.letsgopeay.com/sports/2014/6/2/FB_0602140551.aspx.


Additional Fees:   



UC Building Supervisor (if needed) 


$15 per hour (3-hour minimum; exception if needed for extended building hours)



CL Auditorium Audio/Visual Technical Assistant (if needed)


$20 per hour (3-hour minimum)



Mabry Concert Hall Technical Director

$20 per hour


Mabry Concert Hall Sound Technician

$20 per hour


Mabry Concert Hall Lighting Technician

$20 per hour


Public Safety


$30 per hour**



Custodial Services (if needed)


$150 usual cleanup*** (3-hour minimum)



Setup Fee for University Center Ballroom


$25 per section



Setup Fee for University Center Meeting Rooms        


$25 per room



Large or Complex Setup/Reset

$15 hourly personnel cost per person, plus required supplies (i.e. gaffers tape)


**Click here to view the Police Staffing Matrix


***The standard clean-up fee is $150.00, however if the event involves a performance/play, dance event/recital, an athletic practice/event, a prom, or a large party the clean-up fee will be $250.00 to be able to cover all of the custodial costs involved.