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Full Audition Schedule for 2023-2024 

Please note that this info, and these dates/times are subject to change.

Wednesday, Aug. 30 - Auditions - Margaret Fort Trahern Lab Theatre - 6:30 – 9:00 

Audition Requirements: READ THE PLAY - the audition will be cold readings from the script. Please email Noel Rennerfeldt for the script: rennerfeldtn@apsu.edu

Thursday, Aug. 31 - Callbacks - Margaret Fort Trahern Lab Theatre - 6:30 – 8:30

Please choose one or two character pieces from the cuts here and submit video submissions to Darren Michael (michaeld@apsu.edu) by 5p, Friday, September 1.  Auditionees will be contacted by Tuesday, September 5th, if not sooner regarding callbacks for specific characters. Callbacks will be Sunday, September 10th, at 2p in Trahern Theatre.   

Music can be downloaded HERE. (Please note that this is a zip file with ALL cuts.)

Auditions will be held on Monday Nov. 20th and callbacks will be on Monday Nov. 27th.

Auditions will be cold readings. You can read the play HERE


ARIA (Female Presenting) - freshman, psychology major, A.R.N. (Animal Rights Now) member

BEKKA ‘DOUBLE K’ (Female Presenting) - senior, ethics and communications major, family legacy at Rose, President of A.R.N. (Animal Rights


CHIP & LINDA YOUNG - Bekka’s parents (appear in voice memo) (VO Roles)

EB (Non-Binary) - junior, Bekka’s roommate, physics major, first in their family to go to college, A.R.N. (Animal Rights Now) member

JUSTIN (Male Presenting) - junior, journalism major

OLLIE (Male Presenting) - junior, theater major, A.R.N. (Animal Rights Now) member

PETE (Male Presenting) - sophomore, Aria’s boyfriend, biology major

PROFESSOR GORDON (Male or Female Presenting) - Rose College’s President

WALTER P. RABBIT (Male or Female Presenting) - an erudite rabbit

Thusday Sept. 21 4PM - Memorial Dance Studios - Please wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in. Dancers of ALL skill levels encouraged to attend!





Please choose TWO songs from the cuts HERE:




Submit video submissions to Victoria Fowler (fowlerv@apsu.edu) by 12pm, Sunday, January 14th. Auditionees will be contacted by Tuesday, January 16th, if not sooner, regarding callbacks for specific characters. Ensemble callbacks will be Friday, January 19th from 6-10pm in Trahern 413. Principal callbacks will be Saturday, January 20th from 12-4pm in Trahern 413. 

Download Music HERE.


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