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Student Referral

Faculty and staff at APSU are invited on a regular and on-going basis to make referrals of students to TRIO SSS. Students who are appropriate to refer to SSS have an academic need that may include course work difficulty, adjustment problems, academic deficits, unclear college goals, tutoring needs, and technology/writing support and the students have the desire and the ability to benefit from the services.

Oftentimes, it is not possible for a faculty or staff member to determine the eligibility status of a student; therefore, it is strongly encouraged that the faculty or staff member make the referral to the program director and encourage the student to further discuss it with the program director as soon as possible. Once the student and director can determine the eligibility status of the student, options for the students will be provided. Students who are eligible for TRIO SSS will be encouraged to apply for the program and other students will be assisted to find academic support in other appropriate areas on campus.

Referrals from faculty and staff are important to us. By fully communicating in this way, students who are first-generation, low-income, and disabled know that the campus climate is supportive of their endeavors. If you would like to refer a student to our services, please complete the TRIO SSS Referral