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Gov mascot poses in football field

Each platform has its own personality and needs a unique approach.

Always remember to treat each platform differently according to their unique user abilities. As a smaller sub-brand account for APSU, it's better to first build an audience on the one platform that will best fit your goals.

What's in a platform?

Twitter is the best platform to find out what's happening in the world and what people are talking about right now.

Some of the best ways to drive engagement are Twitter polls, posting about your events, retweeting content from related accounts and replying to tweets from audience members.



Facebook is the platform where users personally connect with family, friends and brands. Raw and live videos are extremely popular on this platform.

Below is an example of a recently successful post where the APSU account shared a fun photo another user had included in their positive review of the University.

Screenshot of facebook post

Instagram users celebrate and enjoy some of the most visual content social media has to offer. This platform became a giant in relation to the advances in mobile phone photography and editing.

In the example below from the official Austin Peay Instagram account, we have used almost entirely professionally-shot photography. With the right editing and posting strategy, phone photography can be just as successful as in these examples.

Screenshot of instagram feed

Instagram Stories are similar to Snapchat. People use it to document in the moment or feature things they normally wouldn't put on their main account feed. It's a great place to promote and cover fun events.

In these examples below from the Austin Peay Instagram account, we have a student takeover from a high-achieving student showing off an internship, and then an Instagram poll where users answered a quick question about what they were most excited about for the upcoming semester.

Instagram story example 1
Instagram story example 2

YouTube is a place for users to learn and be entertained. 

In the example below, we have featured another high-achieving student with a video about his college experience and how Austin Peay prepared him for his post-graduation endeavors.