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Intro to the Foy

2 students talking in the Foy Lobby

Are you new to the Foy Center? Are you looking for new opportunities to get involved? Or maybe you just don't know where to start or what to do once you're inside. The Foy Center has a lot to offer and you can start by checking out some of our introductory programs and resources to help you get started!

Recreation Empowerment Course (R.E.C.)

The Recreation Empowerment Course (R.E.C.) is a 4-week course designed to help create a community within recreation and introduce groups to different areas of recreation while empowering them to try new things, grow their skills and enhance their overall wellness. Each R.E.C. session will end with a final event or trip where participants can put their skills and knowledge to use. 

The areas R.E.C. will target include Fitness & Wellness, Aquatics, Govs Outdoors, and Intramurals. Each semester will have a different focus - from the particpant groups to recreation areas. This Fall, R.E.C. will focus on Women and combine Fitness & Outdoor activities. 

A few examples of participant groups to be part of R.E.C. include those below and more to come! Do you have a group or activities that you would like to be a part of R.E.C.? Contact Lauren Wilkinson, wilkinsonl@apsu.edu, with any questions.


The Recreation Empowerment Course this semester will focus on Women in the Outdoors. Women's R.E.C. will combine Fitness & Wellness and Govs Outdoors, empowering women through Physical Fitness, Outdoor Skills and Mindfulness Practice. Each session of the course is 4-weeks long, meeting 3 days per week with one of the days having the option to meet in-person or do the activity on your own. 

Oct. 18 – Nov. 12

Price per Session (also includes cost of final trip):

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