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Asset Creation Request Form

This form is used to request the creation of a new asset. Once submitted the Webteam will review the request and reach out to the email listed below. Once an asset is created the webeditor(s) for your website section will be able to place it on the page or pages needed and will be able to update the asset whenever needed.

Please see the notes below for more information about assets before filling out the form.

What is the purpose of an asset?

Once an asset is created it can be placed in more than one place across the APSU website. Whenever the asset is updated all pages that the asset lives on will be automatically updated with the new information.

What kind of assets can be created?

Forms - Simple webforms used to collect needed information from users. Answers are stored in a database and can be exported to an excel file. Please keep in mind that Private Personal Information should never be asked for in an open webform. PPI include things like Social Security number or a student's A#. Should you need a way to tell students apart, asking for the first and last name along with their APSU student email should help identify students.

Web Content - Used to share the same information across several pages. Web Content can take different forms depending on the need and information shared. Examples include Contact info, list of resource links, or a web table. The benefit of a web content asset is that you only have to update the asset to have all pages where it lives automatically update.

Photo Gallery - Collection of photos that are uploaded and then the gallery is embedded in the page for people to click through. Photo Galleries should be used sparingly. If you have a collection of photos you would like to share with the public then Social Media is a better option. Unlike a Photo Gallery, images shared on social media can be engaged with (liked, shared, commented on).
Are you an web editor for the APSU website?*
What kind of asset needs to be created?*
Please see the notes at the top to see descriptions of each type.
If you chose Photo Gallery then just type that in the box and we will reach out to get the photos from the requestor's email listed above.