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Webpage Creation Request

This form is used to request the creation of a new Page or Section on the apsu.edu website. Once a request has been submitted the Webteam will review your request and be in contact to discuss the best plan of action. Once a new page or section is created the webeditors for your department/office will be able to edit and publish the page as needed to keep it up to date.

Please see the notes below before filling out the form.

Page vs Section?
  • Page: a webpage is a single page that is created to house your content. You decide where it will live and if it will appear in the navigation panel for people to click on or not. When creating a page please consider what other pages are in the same area that have similar content and if these pages could be combined or re-purposed to serve the same goal.
  • Section: a section is created when you have multiple Pages you wish to create that will live together. Inside this section it will have its own navigation panel and an index page which will serve as the landing page for people visiting this section.
Are you a web editor for the APSU website?*
What needs to be created?*
Examples: /allied-health, /music/bandevents, /pr-marketing. If you are not sure then paste the URL of your sites landing page.
The questions below have to do with the properties of the webpage being created. In the case of a new website section being created these will apply to the index page (landing or homepage) of the section.
This is what will be displayed on search engines and the web browser tab.
Enter a short description of the page to be displayed by search engines.
Enter keywords or phrases to describe key topics on your page. Separate keywords or phrases by comma.
Use this area to provide any additional info you think would be helpful in the creation of your page(s).