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Political Science student sits in Tennessee Capitol building office

Department of Political Science and Public Management

At Austin Peay, political challenges around the world become your opportunities.

There is no question that earning a political science or public management degree will lead to an exciting profession that can grow and change along with the skills you develop and the directions in which your special interests can take you. In addition, all of our doctoral-trained faculty members want their students to succeed. From providing individualized instruction to keeping students abreast of internship and career opportunities, our political science and public management faculty members make your success a given.

Political Science and Public Management degrees conferred during the 2017-18 academic year
APSU students awarded internships at Tennessee General Assembly in 2019
Scholarship opportunities available for Political Science majors


From legal disputes, to elections, to international crises the world of politics is constantly changing. What happens in politics affects our own backyard, including city hall, Fort Campbell, KY, the state government in Nashville, and activities in our nation’s capital. Having a political science degree helps to understand events around the world and provides a career that brings new challenges and rewards.

Sierra Salandy
Sierra Salandy
Political Science

The political science department, it’s like a second home, everyone is just so helpful. They've helped me become a leader. The environment in the classrooms, it's interactive, it pushes you, but in a good way.
Justin Cross
Justin Cross
Political Science

Before coming to Austin Peay I never felt like I had it in me to lead a room in any situation. Now I feel like I have the skills necessary to guide myself and others to success.
Thomas Fuss
Thomas Fuss
Sociology and Political Science

My greatest fear coming here (after a 22-year career in the Army) was I only knew about college what I had seen on TV. With the professors, I thought there’d be animosity because we’d all be about the same age. But when I started, it wasn’t like that at all.
Kristina Grant
Kristina Grant
Political Science

It’s been a learning experience. I thought I knew quite a bit about politics, and I came here and realized there’s so much going on in this process that all goes into making it work. It’s confirmed my passion for politics.

Academic Programs

Political Science professor teaching in class
Political Science

Political science majors gain analytical skills, and the knowledge necessary for understanding and trying to influence political activities that occur every day.  Political science is also the number one major for students who attend law school.

4 Year Plan - B.S. Political Science

4 Year Plan - B.A. Political Science

Alberto Gonzalez lectures in front of audience
Public Management

Through Austin Peay State University’s public management program, you will gain the practical work experience – and technical and managerial skills – needed to succeed in a variety of leadership roles. Your courses and experiences will prepare you for careers in both public, quasi-public, and nonprofit sectors.

4 Year Plan - B.S. Public Management

Marsha Lyle-Gonga speaks at Young Women's Leadership Symposium

Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga

Professor of Political Science, founded the annual Young Women's Leadership Symposium in 2010

“My whole thing was there were so few women in leadership positions at the congressional level in government, and also at the state and local level,” Lyle-Gonga said on why she founded the symposium. “I wanted to know how we could change that.”