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APSU 3+3 Law Program

This accelerated degree program allows students at APSU to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years—one year less than what is normally required. The Political Science major may be declared to pursue the 3 + 3 Law Program. 


The 3+3 Law Program (major in Political Science) is designed to launch a legal career in 6 as opposed to 7 years. To achieve this, an APSU advisor will guide you to meet the degree requirements less 30 elective credits, prepare and sit the LSAT, and complete the application process for law school by the end of Junior year. Interested students are advised to join the program in their Freshman year to take advantage of this opportunity in their Junior year. If you are accepted to the University of Memphis, Samford University, or Lincoln Memorial University's law school  and successfully complete the first year (30 credits), APSU will confer a bachelor’s degree “in passing”. You then continue your legal studies at one of the approved law schools we have an agreement with.


1)         Reduce time in school from 7 to 6 years,

2)         Lower the costs of completing college and law school, &

3)         Provide a quality education in Tennessee.

Our Students

Students in the 3+3 Law Program exemplify a commitment to attending law school and, as an perspective officers of the courts, committed to justice and the rule of law. Our students strive for academic excellence with a commitment to maintaining a cumulative collegiate GPA of at least 3.50 and enroll in at least 12 credit hours per semester. Working with the pre-law advisor, students are expected to be pro-active, disciplined and maintain a healthy life balance for optimum results while following the degree plan.

3 + 3 Timeline and Checklist

This program requires hard work and careful planning to qualify for law school admission and to finish both degrees in six years. Use the following as your guide.

Enroll in an approved 3+3 major at your campus.

Get the most out of your undergraduate study.

  • Collaborate with your undergraduate advisor to get the most out of your degree program.
  • Work toward excellent grades during your three years of study so you will be an outstanding applicant for law school admission.
  • Challenge yourself to develop your writing skills by taking classes that require research papers—excellent writing skills will serve you well in law school and as a lawyer.
  • Develop your leadership, collaboration, and organizational skills through extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, community organizations, or other activities.

Register for and begin preparing to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Take the LSAT. Do your best on the test—ideally, you should take the LSAT only once.

Complete your senior year of undergraduate and your first year of law school concurrently. 

  • If you are admitted to Univeristy of Memphis, Samford University, or Lincoln Memorial Univeristy, you will become a full-time, first-year law student following your junior year of undergraduate study.
  • You will be able to utilize all scholarships and financial aid that you were eligible for as an undergraduate for the first year of law school (GPA guidelines remain).
  • The credits you earn will be counted toward your law degree and toward the completion of your bachelor’s degree.
 Complete your law degree.