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Orient Your MAPP

Navigating the workforce can be challenging, but the Military and Veteran Affairs (MVA) division provides you with the Military-Affiliated Pathways Program (MAPP) to guide you. Just like using any map, the first step is to "Orient Your MAPP."

Understanding Yourself and the Job Market

Orienting your MAPP involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of your:

- Skills

- Strengths

- Interests

- Values

- The job market

- Industry trends

- Potential career paths

The Power of Self-Assessments

Self-assessments are valuable tools that help you identify your interests, strengths, weaknesses, values, and personality traits. They also encourage you to reflect on your past experiences, achievements, and preferences, providing valuable insights when exploring career paths.

Take advantage of these self-assessment resources: 

Remember, these assessments are tools to guide you towards potential career fields and areas of study. They should not be used as the sole basis for career decisions but rather as a starting point for further exploration.

Connect with Your Military-Affiliated Career Specialist

Discuss specific careers and goals with your dedicated Military-Affiliated Career Specialist. 

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