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MLT to MLS/MT On-line Program

Laboratory Technician to Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist (MLT to MLS/MT) Program

Transition from MLT to MLS/MT in as few as 10 months!

Through APSU’s MLT to MLS/MT program, in-state students can complete the Bachelor of Science: Medical Laboratory Science for about $10,500*. Out-of-state students taking exclusively online classes pay approximately $14,500* thanks to APSU’s e-rate.

This program will allow you to

  • Earn credit for work experience
  • Complete all courses online at times convenient to your schedule
  • Prepare to take examination to become a certified medical laboratory scientist
  • Advance into an MLS/MT position, earning an estimated $13,6442 more per year and enjoying greater career opportunities
  • Take courses – and apply for financial aid – as a full-time student

Acceptance to the MLT to MLS/MT program is competitive.  The minimum GPA required to apply is 2.5.   Applicants must also meet all technical standards required by the program and have at least two years' full time work experience (minimum 4,000 working hours) as a nationally certified MLT in an accredited human diagnostic laboratory.   The MLT to MLS/MT is a 10-month lock-step program, starting in August and concluding in June. You may need to complete prerequisite courses before gaining acceptance to the program. If so, you will find APSU offers hundreds of classes online.

Once you are accepted, you will take two classes during each of four eight-week terms. Two eight-week terms are offered in the fall, and in the spring. Additionally, you will complete one course during May session, which spans from mid-May to early June. Upon successful completion of these courses, you will receive course credit for your work experience.  Students graduate at the end of summer session in early August.

How do I apply?

Step 1:  Prospective students must first apply for admission to Austin Peay State University. 

Click here to apply to APSU:   

NOTE:  It is very important for you to select "BSMLS" as your major on the main APSU campus (do not apply to the Ft. Campbell campus) when you complete your APSU application on-line.  When applying to the university, please select the next available semester for enrollment. 

Step 2:  Once accepted to Austin Peay, students may then apply to the MLT to MLS/MT program by clicking on the "Apply now" tab, print and complete the MLT to MLS program application and mail it to the Allied Health Sciences department. 

A valid APSU student ID number (which begins with an "A") is required as part of the MLT to MLS/MT program application.  Unfortunately, there is no way for the faculty to evaluate prospective students' transfer credits.  This must be done by the Registrar following admission to the University.

After a student is accepted to the University, program faculty will review each student's transcripts as part of the MLT to MLS/MT program application to identify any deficiencies in prerequisite coursework which must be completed before admission to the 10-month MLT-MLS/MT program.  APSU offers hundreds of online course options to complete program pre-requisites.


Jane Semler MS, MT(ASCP)

Associate Professor and MLT to MLS Program Coordinator

Office: SSC A211 Phone: (931)221-7796  Email:


*Estimate based on 2015-2016 rates for the courses included in the 10-month MLT to MT program. For more information, visit

For further information on the MLT-MLS program, including course pre-requisites and other requirements, click here: MLT to MLS general information

Click here for a typical course schedule including pre-requisite requirements: MLT to MLS Program Curriculum