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Below you will find the anticipated Fall Panhellenic Council recruitment schedule.

Click here for more information on Panhellenic and its member sororities. 


Fall 2024 Panhellenic Recruitment Schedule


 All recruitment events for Fall 2024 will take place in person. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Assistant Director of Student Life and Engagement, Zac Moore.

Attire: Casual

All women going through Panhellenic Recruitment must attend all aspects of the process, including the mandatory Orientation. During the Orientation, all potential new members (PNMs) will be provided with detailed information about the recruitment structure and will receive last minute advice and tips from the Panhellenic Recruitment Team.


Your Gamma Chi (Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor) is a sorority member who has been chosen to distance herself from her chapter and serve as a recruitment counselor to potential new members during the recruitment process. She will be your mentor and guide, answering questions before, during, and after recruitment. In addition to meeting your Gamma Chi, this two-hour event includes programming on wellness and prevention, a “do and don’t” fashion show, review of the week’s events, receive information about the financial commitment of membership, a discussion of proper recruitment behavior, and a question-and-answer session.

PNMs will be emailed more details closer to the date

Attire: Casual - All potential new members will be provided a shirt to wear

During Values Night, you will learn about each organization’s values, sisterhood and more and will attend events with all six (6) chapters. Chapters may show videos to demonstrate their values and sisterhood. This will be your first opportunity to speak with sisters about the chapter.


Following Values Night, you will submit your preferences with the Panhellenic Executive Board.

Attire:  Business Casual - Sundress, skirt, blouses, etc. 

You may attend up to four (4) parties. During the party/parties you attend, you’ll learn what it means to be a sister in the respective chapter and learn more about the chapter's specific philanthropic endeavors. This will be another opportunity to speak with sisters.


Following Philanthropy Day, you will submit your preferences with Student Life & Engagement.

Attire: Formal - Dress to impress

You may attend up to two (2) parties. The last round of recruitment, Preference Day is a sentimental ceremony during which active members demonstrate their bonds of sisterhood and the meaning of their sorority. You will be included in the ceremony and should use this day to decide which sorority makes you feel most comfortable.

After you attend your last Preference ceremony, you will immediately sign and submit your preferences with a designated staff member. This is a personal decision that only you can make. You should not discuss your choices with anyone prior to filling out your final selections.

Attire: Casual/jeans

Details for the Bid Day will be communicated during the Orientation and throughout the week. After you receiving your bid and participating in a Panhellenic ceremony, you’ll head to your sorority for an afternoon of fun activities!