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Jordan Chavez relaxing under a pavilion

Jason Chavez-Rivas

“I’ve grown up here, so Austin Peay was a popular landmark. My dad and brother went here, so I knew this was a good option.”
Major: Biology
Graduation Year: 2025
Hometown: Clarksville, Tennessee

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Jason, the Govs Color Run Superman!

Right before the start of the fall semester 2021, APEX Weekend is in full swing. During this weekend, Govs get a first-hand look at a true Austin Peay experience. There are so many events such as an ice-cream social with Greek Life, the Monocle Madness Carnival, a campus resource fair and everyone’s favorite, the Govs Color Run.

“I grew up in Clarksville and was part of the Middle College, so I already knew the area pretty well,” Jason Chavez-Rivas said. “But this event helped me review and get to know others.”

This year as an incoming freshman, he paid a visit to the Color Run and made quite the impact.

You may have seen his picture. He struck Superman pose during the Govs Color Run celebration. The photo graced the Austin Peay homepage for several days.

Students during the Govs Color Run
Jason's Superman pose during the Govs Color Run.  

“The Color Run was so much fun, and I had a great time with my friends,” Jason said.

In the Govs Color Run, students run a course around campus where people throw bright colors onto the students as they pass by. It’s quite bright and messy, but Jason didn’t mind at all.

“One guy dumped a whole bucket of paint on me,” he said. “It was exciting.”

The Govs Color Run is an excellent opportunity for students to branch out and meet new people. For incoming freshmen, Jason has a word of advice about getting involved on campus.

“Go to the events! Try to stay out of your dorm as much as possible,” he said. “Get the Peay Mobile app and check it every day. You never know what free stuff you’ll get.”

On top of attending fun events and scoping out free items, Jason is a biology student at APSU with an interest in zoology.

He is passionate about animals and wants to make sure there are enough of each species for future generations to see. Ideally, he would like to do something with the conservation of species.

 “I’ve grown up here, so Austin Peay was a popular landmark,” he said. “My dad and brother went here, so I knew this was a good option.”