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APSU’s Ricky Birchfield featured in The Tennessean for Student Press Freedom Day

By: Brian Dunn February 23, 2024


Austin Peay State University's Ricky Birchfield, editor-in-chief of The All State, was recently highlighted in The Tennessean for Student Press Freedom Day. This annual event, organized by the Student Press Law Center, aims to raise awareness of the challenges student journalists face while exercising their First Amendment rights.

In the feature, Birchfield discussed the role of student journalism at APSU. He underscored its significance as a reliable platform for students and staff to voice their opinions and as a training ground for budding journalists. As quoted in The Tennessean, Birchfield said, "Student journalism is an important part of campus because we provide such a unique view. We are a trustworthy place for students and staff to have their voices heard just as much as we're a place to get real journalistic experience before entering the workforce."

Birchfield also addressed the difficulties student journalists encounter, particularly in managing resources and maintaining relationships with key campus figures. He expressed concern about potential threats to free speech in academia and their implications for student journalism.

This feature in The Tennessean is a reflection of Birchfield's commitment to free speech and journalistic integrity. It also highlights the educational opportunities at APSU, where students are encouraged to participate in activities that foster personal growth and community engagement.

You can read the full story here.


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