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Student Handbook

Have questions?  The Governor's School Student Handbook has valuable information for both parents and students. If you need further information, please feel free to contact the Governor's School office at 931-221-6116.

All Scholars will receive a packet of information and forms that require immediate attention. You must complete and return those forms to our office, as listed on your Post-Acceptance Letter, including a copy of your insurance card, if available.  In order to attend the trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, students must bring a government-issued photo ID.

Clarksville is the home of APSU. You'll find it feels like home, too. The campus is just a short walk from Clarksville's historic downtown. The nearby Riverwalk offers the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon picnic on the Cumberland River. Austin Peay is easily accessible from all directions via major interstate highways.


From Nashville

  • Take I-24 W to Clarksville to Exit 4
  • Turn left onto US 79 Wilma Rudolph Blvd
  • Wilma Rudolph Blvd becomes College Street
  • APSU will be on the right (approximately 6 miles from I-24)

From Chattanooga

  • Take I-24 W through Nashville to Clarksville to Exit 4
  • Turn left onto US 79 Wilma Rudolph Blvd
  • Wilma Rudolph Blvd becomes College Street
  • APSU will be on the right (approximately 6 miles from I-24)

From Knoxville

  • Take I-40 W to Nashville
  • Take I-24 W to Clarksville to Exit 4
  • Turn left onto US 79 Wilma Rudolph Blvd
  • Wilma Rudolph Blvd becomes College Street
  • APSU will be on the right (approximately 6 miles from I-24)

From Memphis

  • Take I-40 E (North-East) approximately 140 miles
  • Take the Exit 143
  • Turn left on TN-13 approximately 53 miles (TN-13/TN-48)
  • Turn left onto US- 41A Bypass (Riverside Dr.) to Clarksville
  • Turn Right onto College Street
  • APSU will be on the left

Registration and check-in will be held in the Sundquist Science Building at 11am.  Residence hall check-in will immediately follow the welcome picnic. Please see the Important Dates page on the website for times and locations.  Your mentors will be waiting to greet you and assist with your room assignment and check-in.

You will be staying in Castle Heights or Governors Terrace, one of our newer residence halls.  Please be aware other camps (soccer camp, 4H, etc) may be held at the same time at APSU. Therefore, you may see or hear other groups in your residence hall. However, one floor will be designated ONLY for Gov School scholars.  Some information on services provided and a list of needed items are below.

You may bring your personal computer at your own risk, but we do not require it. Laptops will be provided. You will also have access to the general purpose computer labs on campus.

Custodians provide daily cleaning of all public areas. Residents are asked to empty their own room wastebaskets and are expected to keep personal items orderly to aid in the cleaning process.

You will be assigned a residence hall key to be returned at checkout on the last day. For safety, be sure to lock your doors each time you leave your room. The University cannot be responsible for theft or damage to your possessions. There is a $10 charge for lost or unreturned keys.

Wifi is available campus-wide.  If you have connection issues, please contact the Help Desk at 931-221-4357.

Laundry facilities are available at no charge in your residence hall. You will be responsible for doing your own laundry, including towels. As your schedule will be full, be sure to bring an ample supply of towels and washcloths. Please note that you will also need to bring laundry detergent and a laundry basket.

Stamps may be purchased at the full service post office (221-6161) located downstairs in the Morgan University Center. For your student to receive mail, please address as follows:

Student Name
c/o Sherry Bagwell
Governor's School for Computational Physics
Austin Peay State University
P.O. Box 4608
Clarksville, TN  37044


There are no land lines available in the residence halls.  Cell phones are permitted at GSCP but we ask that you not use them during classtimes.

  • Extra-long twin sheets
  • Blanket & pillow
  • Alarm clock (if you don't use your phone as alarm)
  • Desk lamp
  • Towels & washcloths
  • Toiletries
  • Laudry basket/bag, detergent
  • Umbrella / raincoat
  • Swimwear / beach towel / sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Stationary / stamps
  • Camera
  • Cash for outings, vending machines, etc.
  • Business casual clothing for field trips and closing ceremony (khakis and polos, nice dress, etc)
  • Sweatshirt or jacket, as classrooms tend to be cold in the summertime
  • Sport equipment such as frisbees, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.


Students are discouraged from driving to Governor’s School. If it is necessary for a student to do so, vehicle keys must be turned over to a staff member the day of arrival. Students are not allowed to drive a vehicle during Governor’s School.
Bicycles are allowed as long as students agree to use it as transportation on campus ONLY.  
Austin Peay offers excellent recreational facilities, both indoor and outdoor. Governor's School students have full access to the Foy Fitness center.  The Foy houses basketball courts, racquetball courts, an indoor walking track, aerobics and weight rooms, an outdoor pool, a climbing wall, and other facilities. The majority of the sporting equipment can be checked out at the recreational facility. If you have questions about a specific sport, please contact us. Please bring your swimsuit and beach towel if you have a desire to use the pool.

You will receive a student identification card, which will be used as your meal ticket, fitness facilities pass, swimming pool pass, residence hall access card, library card, computer lab access card, and general identification card during your stay at Austin Peay. Please carry your student identification card with you at all times, as it authorizes your presence on campus.

Sodexo operates the University’s dining service facility. While you are attending Governor’s School, all meals will be provided, including weekends beginning with lunch at the opening picnic for scholars and parents. The last scheduled meal is the closing luncheon on the last day. Breakfast will be served daily from 8:00-9:00 am, lunch from 12:00-1:00 pm, and dinner from 5:30-6:30 pm. Meals will be served in The Caf located in the Morgan UC or The Terrace on the first floor of Eriksson Hall. Occasionally, meals may be served elsewhere due to construction or maintenance. Scholars having unique dietary needs will be accommodated, but please note any such requests on the Medical Information Form we send with your Acceptance Packet

Students are required to be in the residence hall by 10:00 pm, on their respective floors by 11:00 pm, and in their rooms by 12:00 am. Students will check in with their resident counselor by 11:00 pm to verify that they are in the building. After check-in, students may not leave the residence hall until 6:00 am.

Students wishing to attend religious services on the weekends will need written permission from the parents or guardians, specifying whether parents or other caregivers will provide transportation, or if students are allowed to walk/ride to area churches or worship centers.  (There are many churches in downtown Clarksville within walking distance of APSU.)  If students are not with a caregiver, we ask that they use the "buddy system" and tell a staff member where they are going.

If someone needs to contact a Governor’s School student in an emergency situation and cannot reach them on a personal line, he or she may call the Computational Physics Governor's School Office at 931-221-6116, the mentor/Gov School contact information given to parents at check-in, or the University Police (931-221-7786). Each office will have the student schedule and will either find them at that time (in an emergency) or leave a message to return the call (if urgent but non-emergency). The University Police are available 24 hours every day.  If, as a student, you are in an emergency situation yourself, please notify the University Police immediately. They operate on a 24-hour basis. You should report any suspicious activity or emergency by phoning 931-221-7786. Uniformed officers make themselves visible during patrol. If it is quicker, however, notify a resident counselor. While staying in the residence hall, you should report any incidents or concerns to your counselor, the resident assistant or the resident hall director, all of whom can get to a telephone quickly. Blue lights are located on the 28 emergency call boxes affixed to campus buildings and in parking lots. The blue lights flash when the phone is activated.

 In the event of a medical emergency, you should notify a resident counselor, the Governor’s School Office, or University Police. They will arrange for proper treatment. If you need outpatient treatment for a minor illness or injury during the hours of 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, you will be taken to the University’s Boyd Health Services.  Costs associated with visits to Health Services will be charged to the student's account and can be paid online or via telephone at 931-221-7671.  APSU accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  You will need the student's APSU ID number in order to pay via telephone, and the ID number and PIN in order to pay online. After 4:00 pm, or in case of a major medical emergency, you will be taken to Tennova Medical Center, which is within ten minutes of the campus. Such medical treatment is the individual responsibility of each scholar and his/her parents or guardians. For this reason, we require a copy of your family insurance card accompany the Medical Information Form you provide us (sent in the acceptance packet).



The APSU Office of Public Relations will take a group photo of the Governor’s School scholars, as well as photos of the closing event that will be provided to the scholars.   “Candid” photographs (both still and video) will also be taken throughout the program and may be used for the Governor’s School yearbook, video anthology, newspaper, photography seminar, advertising seminar, posters/postcards, and/or the APSU website. An image release form is included in the acceptance packet.

Austin Peay offers a stimulating and challenging educational experience on a beautiful campus setting. The faculty and staff are committed to the goal of providing a hassle-free stay that is as safe as possible on a campus that offers the opportunity for intellectual growth. You will also be pleased to know that the APSU community has a low crime rate. The University is designed with safety in mind, with many wide, well-lit walking paths. Nonetheless, you can significantly help maintain your own safety by following security policies and taking common precautions. These would include securing valuables, walking in groups, watching for suspicious activity, and reporting even minor violations. Common sense is always in order to assure your safety here, just as it is for anyone, anytime, anywhere. For your own safety after dark, we suggest you walk in groups of two or more when you are out of the residence hall. Scholars are not permitted to be off-campus without permission from the Director or Coordinator, and must be in the residence hall by 10:00 pm, after which the residence hall is closed for the safety of the students.

Facilities at APSU that Gov School students will be utilizing include the Morgan University Center, Foy Fitness Center, Sundquist Science Center, computer labs, the campus bookstore, and the library. Our goal at Austin Peay is to help you make the most of your time by providing you with learning experiences inside and outside the classrooms. Below we have listed several University facilities that could be especially helpful to you and your fellow Scholars

The Morgan University Center is located near residence halls, the library, and academic buildings. The facility is the “community center” of the University and used regularly by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The University Center offers conference rooms, a game room, auditorium, and student lounges. Services include a post office (931-221-6161), information desk (931-221-6600), and dining services

The bookstore provides a convenient place for purchasing books, stationery, athletic goods, University apparel, and souvenirs. The bookstore’s normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm.

(931) 221-7655

University Recreation is located in the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center. This state-of-the-art recreation complex houses three multi-purpose courts, four fully enclosed racquetball courts, an indoor track, a dynamic climbing area, an expanded fitness area, two modern fitness studios, a dedicated indoor cycling studio, spacious locker rooms, healthy food service, and administrative offices. A valid ID card is required to participate.

(931) 221-7654

The student health center, known as Boyd Health Services, is located in the Ard Building and has a staff of nurses and a full-time clinician. If you need outpatient treatment for a minor illness or injury during the hours of 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (7am-12pm Thursdays), you will be taken to student health services. It is designed to help students with problems that would normally be taken to their own physicians. Allergy shots may be administered with a written order from your medical doctor. If you need outpatient treatment for a minor illness or injury after 4:00 pm (12pm Thursdays), or in case of a major medical emergency, you will be taken to Tennova Medical Center.  ANY MEDICAL EXPENSES INCURRED ARE NOT COVERED BY THE GOVERNOR’S SCHOOL, BUT WILL BE AT THE SCHOLAR’S/GUARDIAN’S EXPENSE.

(931) 221-7107

As a Governor's School for Computational Physics scholar, you have the opportunity to earn 4 hours of college credit (3 hours lecture, 1 hour lab).  Because of this, you may need to request a transcript in the future as you apply for college.  The easiest way to request a transcript is online.  Start at APSU OneStop at https://onestop.apsu.edu/, click on the red button under “login to OneStop,” and enter your APSU user ID (email address minus my.apsu.edu) and password (Capital “A,” lowercase “p,” and then your APSU ID number until you change it).  Click on "Student" and then "Student Records."  Then you should get a menu where you can view your transcript or request a printed transcript.  If you click on the latter, you will be able to enter information about what school it should be sent to.  In the future, you can come back to this same page to view the status of your request.

There is also a printable request.  You can find on the Registrar’s website at: https://www.apsu.edu/registrar/files/Transcript-Request.pdf