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Title IX Training


The Office of Equity, Access and Inclusion invite you the opportunity to attend Title IX Sessions at Austin Peay State University. You may take part in one session or complete all three sessions. The informative sessions are being held to increase your understanding of the process and answer questions about the policy. At the conclusion of the session(s) you will be able to work with the OEAI to assist with Title IX Investigations.

Please submit the form below by the deadline date of August 25 (Aug. 30-31 Training) or September 25 (Sept. 29-30 Training).


Location: Office of Equity, Access and Inclusion—416 College Street, Main Conference Room

Investigative Report Writing - In this hands-on session, topics covered will include managing sensitive information, integrating quotations, addressing unavailable information, incorporating feedback from the parties post-review, and writing credibility assessments.

Being an Advisor - This session will address the scope and function of advisors, understanding resolution procedures, post-investigation expectations, pre-hearing expectations, bias and conflict of interest concerns, questioning rules, strategy of cross- examination, effective and respectful cross-examination techniques, and interacting with the hearing chair.

Chair and Panel Members - This session will cover pre-hearing procedures, exchanges of investigation materials, understanding the difference between relevant evidence and directly-related evidence, assessing credibility, controlling questioning (with exercises.)

All Interested campus members are encouraged to go through Investigative Report Writing, which means that you can assist a certified Title IX Investigator in the investigation process and/or Being an Advisor, which will assist either a Complainant or Respondent during an investigative hearing process.

Title IX Training Reservation*
Please indicate below the scheduled time you will be attending the session or sessions that you are interested in be trained. In order to be a Chair/Panel Member you must be a Certified Title IX Investigator through ATIXA, TNG, or have at least 5 plus years of relevant experience as a Title IX investigator.
Choose training session date you would like to attend. To complete the training, participants must attend the training session days at the time listed on both days. For example, if you register for “Being an Advisor” you must attend either August 30-31 or September 29-30 at 1:15-2:30 pm on both days. To make prior arrangements please email LaNeeça Williams at Williamslr@apsu.edu.