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Students sitting outside talking

The Educational Opportunity Center takes your education and college experience seriously. We have a staff of specially trained experts who are ready to assist you with your every need.  The EOC has made it our top priority to ensure your matriculation is comfortable, easy and memorable. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Some of those we have helped along the way can tell you themselves:


“(Members of the EOC Trio staff) have been a great deal of help to me during this short time here on campus. Anytime I have a question or problem I go to the Trio office for help. They are quick with the answers or help that I need. If they don't have an answer they know where to get it. I often recommend Trio to other students. As a veteran attending college for the first time after 40 years out of school, it can be stressful. Trio has made the transition easier.”

- Sue A. Nash

“The support from the EOC and Support Services has made a tremendous impact in my life. The Support Services has allowed me to participate in cultural events. The EOC has offered me financial assistance from filling out the Pell grant application, to finding scholarships, which I won thousands of dollars from.  Most importantly, I want to thank you for all of your team’s extra time spent by supporting my education decisions and enhancing my work ethics. I could not have made it this far without years of your support."

- Gladyn Minzey

“I was provided with financial aid counseling, family housing information and informed about scholarships. As a single father of five children with a disabled child, the information and assistance the EOC program offered was exactly the encouragement I needed to complete my educational goal. Once these barriers were lifted off my shoulders, the EOC program continued to provide me with valuable information and assistance.”

- Fred Lopez