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Roxanne Gerbrandt

Roxanne Gerbrandt


Sociology and Community Development


 Ph.D., Sociology

University of Oregon M.A., Sociology

University of Oregon B.A. Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honors.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Roxanne Gerbrandt (who prefers to be called Dr. Rox), spent the first half of her life as a musician, and lived through the early Punk Rock scene.
Dr. Rox has developed a passion for teaching globalization, political economy, social stratification, sociological theory, sociology of education, sociology of religion, and cultural anthropology.

Gerbrandt, Roxanne and Ann Strahm. "'Self-Made' Success on the Private Dole: An Illustration of the Reproduction of Capitals" Published Chapter - Teaching Economic Inequality and Capitalism in Contemporary America; Springer 2017.

Gerbrandt, Roxanne, and Liza Kurtz. "'Keeping Up Appearances: Working Class Feminists Speak Out About the Success Model in Academia" Published Chapter - "Letting Go: Feminist and Social Justice Insights and Activism" Vanderbilt Press, September 2015.

Brown, Tucker, Roxanne Gerbrandt, and Ying Ma. "Why Study Sociology" Published Chapter - Sociology for the Curious: Why Study Sociology? (A Decision-Making Guide to College Major, Research & Scholarships, and Career Success for the College Students and Their Parents) "The Curious Academic Publishing, July 2015.

Gerbrandt, Roxanne and Preston Gilmore. "Hearing Social Structure: A Musical Exercise in Teaching Introduction to Sociology" Published Article. Great Plains Sociologist, Volume 23, 2013.