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Degrees Offered

Interdisciplinary Health and Social Justice Certificate

IHSJ Certificate

The Sociology program at Austin Peay offers a major and a minor. The major requires the completion of 42  semester hours, which include: 

In addition to the major, it is also possible to minor in Sociology, Environmental Studies and Family Studies.  These more specialized programs allow students with any major to focus on a curriculum that may tie  more directly into their specific vocational interests.

Annual Schedule
Course   Fall Spring
2700   First Session (A) online First Session (A) online
3050   Hybrid Full Term Hybrid Full Term
3080   First Session (A) online Second Session (B) online
3300   Not offered* Full term online
3740   Full term online Full term online
3760   Hybrid full term Full term online
3770   hybrid full term  Full term online online
4000   Second Session (B) online Not offered*
4910   Second Session (B) online Second Session (B) online
Note: Soc 1010 & Soc 1040 will be offered online every term
* - offered as a summer course