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Kimbrough Building

Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

The APSU College of Business is a teaching-focused business school committed to student success while serving the Clarksville and Nashville metropolitan areas. We strive to push students beyond the textbook and help them explore their passions, in order to empower our graduates to compete in a global economy.

The College of Business will be recognized as a premier provider of business education. 

The College of Business believe in: 

  • The worth of teaching and the value of experiential and reflective learning.
  • Creating a climate of inclusion that will facilitate access and foster student success.
  • Professional and research activities that inform teaching, engage students, and   improve the practice of business.
  • The value of interaction among colleagues, students, and community.
  • Ethical behavior, transparent management, and respect for colleagues and students.
  • Enhance academic quality
  • Improve student outcomes
  • Increase scholarship impact
  • Strengthen community connections

The College of Business has a Mission and Vision that can be accomplished through adherence to the Guiding Principles. Therefore, we believe that the following outcomes can be expected.

The College of Business at APSU expects:

  • To develop, produce, and deliver high impact learning experiences.
  • To graduate high quality Baccalaureate and Masters degree students prepared to compete in the global economy.
  • To provide a portfolio of intellectual contributions focusing on applied and pedagogical research.
  • To develop and implement opportunities to form connections with the Clarksville and Nashville  metropolitan areas which will provide learning and development experiences for faculty and  students of the CoB.
  • To enhance and increase our brand awareness.