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Psychological Science and Counseling Faculty and Staff


Dr. Amanuel Asfaw
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education and Supervision

Dr. Stuart Bonnington
Professor Emeritus, Educational Psychology

Dr. Deborah Buchanan
Associate Professor, Counseling Program Coordinator, Counselor Education

Dr. Kimberly Coggins
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education and Supervision

Dr. Lu Annette Butler
Professor Emeritus, Counseling Psychology

Dr. David W. Denton
Professor, Dean, College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Dr. Jessica Fripp
Assistant Professor

Dr. Samuel Fung
Professor, Social Psychology

Dr. Charles Grah
Professor Emeritus, Cognitive Psychology

Dr. Jessica Hatz
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator, Social Psychology

Dr. Kevin Harris
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator, Cognitive/Experimental Psychology

Dr. Brian Hock
Professor, Biological Psychology

Dr. Uma Iyer
Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer
Chair & Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Paul D. Nicodemus
Professor, Developmental Psychology

Dr. Emily Pica
Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephen Truhon
Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology

Dr. Adriane M.F. Sanders
Assistant Professor, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Dr. Charles B. Woods
Professor, Sensation and Perception

Dr. Nanci Stewart Woods
Professor, Developmental Psychology