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Campus Procedure for Proposing Changes to the General Education Core


APSU requires Academic Council to maintain a reasonable number of general education courses and to submit any proposed additions or deletions in a timely manner.  Therefore, any proposed additions or deletions should follow the campus process below. 

1.  Department chairs, in consultation with their faculty and department Curriculum Committee, shall propose additions or deletions to the General Education Core as outlined below for consideration by the College Curriculum Committee. 

a.   Complete Summary Form #1 which records the changes in the total number of courses proposed and the changes in totals for each subject category.

b.   Complete Summary Form #2 which enumerates the course(s) for addition or deletion.  In each case, provide the course prefix, number, title, semester hours, and core subject category (e.g. Humanities). 

c.   In a cover memo, provide a justification for all proposed course deletions and/or additions to the core.  Provide also a syllabus for each recommended additional course, including evidence that the course meets the learning outcomes established by APSU for that core subject category.  Keep in mind that the proposed courses should be broad in scope and not narrowly focused.

d.   Complete the APSU cover page and short form to accompany the proposal as it moves forward in the process.

e.  All forms should be forwarded as electronic copies with hard copies for signature along with the proposal routing form General Education Core Change Proposal form.

2.   The Department Chair should forward the approved proposal(s) to the College Dean at least one week prior to the College Curriculum Committee meeting.

3.   If proposed changes impact teacher licensure programs, proposal(s) approved by the College Curriculum Committee should be forwarded to the Council for Teacher Education (CTE) for consideration prior to the General Education Standing Committee meeting.

4.   All proposals approved at the College, and the Council for Teacher Education if appropriate, should be forwarded to the General Education Standing Committee by the third week of the month (no later than March).   Proposals should include electronic versions of the General Education Changes Proposal Form, Summary Form #1, Summary Form #2, and course syllabi.  

5.  The General Education Committe will forward all recommendations to the Provost no later than April 15 for consideration at the University Curriculum Committee meeting on the fourth Wednesday of April.  (Proposals will be accepted by University Curriculum Committee prior to the April meeting.)

6.  The recommendations of the University Curriculum Committee will be submitted to the APSU President for final  approval.