APSU Little Govs Child Learning Center Tuition Rates
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Tuition Rates



Full Time: $150.00

M/W/F: $110.00

T/TH: $90.00



Full Time: $145.00

M/W/F: $105.00

T/TH: $85.00



Full Time: $140.00

M/W/F: $100.00

T/TH: $80.00



Fall: $45.00

Spring: $45.00

Drop Ins Drop in daily only: $40
Late Pick Up

 $15 first 5 minutes, $1 for every minute thereafter. 


Late Payment

Weekly tuition is due Fridays for the following week. If not received by the following Monday at 12:00 PM, a late fee of $20 will be applied per child, per week.  


Two Week Notice

 A two week written notice is required before termination enrollment.



Sibling discount is $10 weekly for second child. Please ask program staff about subsidy programs to see if additional discounts can be applied.