Elevating a Concentration to a Stand-Alone Program
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Elevating a concentration to a Stand-Alone Major

THEC does not required the submission of a Letter of Notification to elevate a currently offered concentration to its own program. However, THEC approval is needed to create the new stand-alone program.


The Academic Intake form is utilized to inform Academic Affairs of the department's intent regarding programs, articulation agreements, partnering with a new institution or initiating coursework in an off-campus location. By submitting the Intake form, Academic Affairs is able to determine feasibility of offering the program, agreement or new site; the necessity of the program agreement or new site; and whether the proposal is a substantive change requiring SACSCOC prior approval or notification. 

Since the concentration already exists, please submit the Program Modification form (Curriculog Form 6 or 10)  to elevate a concentration to a stand-alone major. As the concentration is currently in the Bulletin, you will be able to import the current information from the Academic Bulletin into your proposal. Once you have imported the data, please save and launch to allow all tracked changes to be seen. The proposal will be reviewed at the department, college and university levels.


Prior to sending the Program Modification to THEC for review and approval, the APSU Board of Trustees will review and approve the program. At that time, a letter of University support may be obtained by the President to submit to THEC.

 When THEC reviews the proposal, they seek to ensure that other programs, including the exiting major that hours the concentration, at the institution are not affected by the creation of this new program as well as its ability to be sustained and not become low producing. THEC will then notify APSU of its decision and if approved, the program will then be added to the Academic Program Inventory

THEC Checklist for elevating concentration to stand-alone program