Committee Visits
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Committee Visits

Below is a listing of six types of substantive changes which require on-site committee reviews within six months of implementation (pg. 11 of the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy Statement). It is also at the discretion of the President of SACSCOC to authorize a committee to review the institution more in depth. All cases utilize the Report of the Substantive Change Committee will be used to determine the ongoing accreditation status of an institution.

  1. Initiation of an additional off-campus location or site at which 50% or more of the program may be earned should the following apply: institution has less than three approved locations; institution has not demonstrated that it has a proven record of effective educational oversight of additional locations; institution has been placed on sanction; institution has been accredited less than ten years.
  2. Initiation of a Branch Campus
  3. Initiation of a change in governance/ownership with a change in control
  4. Initiation of mergers/consolidations
  5. Initiation of coursework, credit certificates, or degree programs at a different level than currently approved by SACSCOC
  6. Initiation of a direct assessment competency-based education program