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Pillar 1: The Academic Experience

Goal 1:

APSU will be a premier public regional university known for student-centered teaching excellence and high quality, innovative, and creative scholarship that is responsive to the needs of our diverse community and beyond.

Objective 1: Increase high quality instruction and scholarship related to pedagogy.
Objective 2: Enhance the quality and breadth of faculty scholarship.
Objective 3: Improve support for diversity and inclusion across the APSU academic community.

Goal 2:

APSU will evolve academic offerings to strengthen our emphasis on delivering quality programs that address community and regional needs.

Objective 1: Improve the quality of academic programs to exceed state standards and professional accreditation expectations.
Objective 2: Align degree programs to better serve the needs of the community and region.
Objective 3: Evolve programs and curricula to reflect best practices in preparing students to contribute professionally, civically, and creatively in their field of choice.

Goal 3:

APSU will optimize our institutional infrastructure to meet the academic needs of our students.

Objective 1: Increase the efficient use of educational spaces.
Objective 2: Align organizational structures across the university.
Objective 3: Increase the variety and flexibility of academic offerings across terms, instructional sites, times of day, and modalities to improve educational accessibility.
Objective 4: Monitor and assess our social, physical, and financial environment to identify and address threats to institutional sustainability.