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Fitness & Wellness

University Recreation's Fitness & Wellness program strives to promote healthy lifestyle choices that enhance the personal wellness of the greater APSU community through quality educational and activity-based fitness programs and services.

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Fitness Class Schedule

Fitness Classes - Spring 2023 Schedule

All Fitness Classes are FREE with Foy access! Space is limited, register online at the link below, or in-person at the Foy Center. 

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[5:00p-5:45p] Strength Training w/ Wendi (Studio A) Held in Studio C until Feb. 14

[6:00p-6:45p] Gentle Yoga w/ Denise (Studio C)


[5:30p-6:15p] Intro to Weightlifting w/ Emeline (Functional Training Room)

[6:00p-6:45p] Zumba w/ Denise (Studio A) Held in Studio C until Feb. 14


[5:00p-5:45p] POUND w/ Christine (Studio A) Held in Studio C until Feb. 14

[6:00p-6:45p] Gentle Yoga w/ Denise (Studio C)


[12:00p-12:45p] Mindful Meditation w/ Tina (Studio C)

[5:00p-5:45p] Circuit Training w/ Wendi (Functional Training Room)


[10:00a-11:00a] Cycle & Stretch w/ Wendi (Studio C)

University Recreation offers a wide variety of classes that allow you to get a great workout led by experienced instructors. Formats range from 30-minute focused sessions to full hour classes. This program is intended to be drop-in in nature so that anyone can attend a class at any point during the semester. Unless otherwise specified, classes are taught at an intermediate level, while the instructors provide suggestions to make exercises more or less challenging according to your personal fitness level. Classes are FREE to anyone with a membership to the Foy Fitness & Recreation Center, including APSU students, faculty/staff and affiliates. 

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Aerial Silks

student in Aerial Silks class on blue silk in a seated poseAerial Silks is a fusion of yoga, pilates, aerial inspired dance, and fitness movements/exercises performed either partially or fully suspended. This program is great for anyone looking to add a new challenge to their workout, try something different and have fun. This program is for all fitness levels; every exercise/movement can be modified to suit your abilities. Challenge yourself in all new ways! Sessions are 6-weeks long, meeting 3 days per week.

No experience Needed! Open to everyone. Participants will build strength and flexibility to help you advance. You'll learn the base skills, techniques and moves that are foundational to everything you do in Aerial Silks. 

Participants will learn more sequencing and continue to build and refine technique and skills. Before registering for Level 2, Participants must be able to:
  • Perform a clean, open straddle from the ground;
  • Hip Key and Footlocks (single and double) in the air;
  • Climb at least 3 levels;
  • Cross Back Straddle (with 2 different entries). 
Participants will refine and develop sequences, learn new, more advanced skills and entries. Before signing up for Level 3, Participants must be able to:
  • Perform 2 or more clean inverts in the air (on each side);
  • Climb bottom to top twice with minimal rest;
  • Sequence 3 or more moves/combinations while staying in the air. 



LOCATION: Foy Center Gym Court C 


*Limit 16 per time slot

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Foy Certified Trainer Course

female student at Foy Center performing a bent over row with 20 pound dumbbell

Interested in being a Personal Trainer, but don't know where to start? Are you interested in sitting for a national personal trainer certification but don't have experience? Check out the Foy Certified Trainer Program!

DATES: January 30 - March 24 (class will not meet during Spring Break)

LOCATION: Foy Center Wellness Ed Room, 202


Limited to 10 participants

Register Today

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Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga focuses on relaxation, breathing and gentle flexibility. This class is great for anyone new to yoga or looking for a slower-paced practice.



POUND® is the alternative group fitness format inspired by drumming! Get a full-body workout  that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements.

Greater muscle mass = more calories burned! Work on your muscular strength & endurance as you sculpt and define your body using a variety of exercises and equipment.

Take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise.
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Group Fitness Instructors

Classes: Aerial Silks - Level 2 & 3

Classes: Aerial Silks - Level 1 & 2

Classes: MASHUP®, POUND® 

Wendi LangfordClasses: Aqua Step, Cardio & Core, Yoga

Classes: Yoga, Zumba®

Classes: Intro to Weightlifting, Women's Recreation Empowerment Course (REC)

Classes: Mindful Meditation

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 Things to Remember:

For your safety as well as class flow, we ask that you arrive with enough time to join the class prior to the scheduled start time. To ensure participant safety and avoid class disruption, instructors may refuse entry to late participants.

Dress Code Notes

For a more detailed description of requirements, see the University Recreation dress code.

Minor Policy

Minors are not allowed in group fitness classes without being supervised by a parent/guardian at all times and must participate in the class. All guest policies apply.

Spectators are not allowed in group fitness classes, regardless of age. This helps us ensure a safe and fun work out environment for all participants.

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 Adaptive Recreation Opportunities

Everyone should be able to participate in physical and recreation activities.  This is accomplished through modifications in traditional sports, programs, and fitness training that allow participants and athletes to train and play alongside their non-disabled peers. 

Our goal in introducing an Adaptive Recreation program is to raise awareness and provide opportunities for those of specialized populations to be physically active regardless of disability. 

Many pieces of equipment in the fitness center can be modified and used for adaptive fitness training, including:

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