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Listed below are the major requirements (21 HRS) and electives (18 HRS). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information below, please contact us at lylegongam@apsu.edu.


Listing of Courses Required or Recommended by the Department 


4 Year Plan - B.S. Political Science

4 Year Plan - B.A. Political Science

4 Year Plan - B.S. Public Management

Political Science Bulletin 2020-2021

Public Management Bulletin 2020-2021


Lower Division Major Requirements: 12 Credit Hours

Upper Division Major Requirements: 9 Credit Hours

Major Electives: 18 Credit Hours

(Students may choose any 6 courses from the list below.)


Professional Courses

These courses are offered for the advanced political science major and are available with permission of the instructor. POLS 4540 , POLS 455A , POLS 455B , POLS 455C  do not count toward the major.