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materials research group

The APSU Department of Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy has active research in astronomy, materials science, computational physics, and mechanical engineering.  All of our research involves undergraduate students and we strive to enable every undergraduate student to have a research experience. Below are links to researchers' public profiles from several scholarly databases showing recent publications and grant funding. Many publications include undergraduate students as co-authors.

Astronomy and astronomy education

Disordered solids, structural relaxation phenomena, topological self-organization, oxide and non-oxide glasses and their applications, properties and application of bioglasses.

 Fundamental and applied quantum mechanics.

Atomic and electronic structure of non-oxide glasses and amorphous thin films (EXAFS, XANES, XPS, Raman, positron annihilation); structural dynamics in glasses; interaction of light and ionizing radiation with amorphous solids; surface science in application to solid state disordered media; gray scale photolithography and electron-beam nanostructuring on glasses; amorphous optical IR materials for micro- and nanophotonics.

Design and control of electromechanical devices, robotics, and manufacturing processes.

Spectroscopy (X-Ray, UV-VIS, IR, Raman, Nuclear Magnetic resonance, etc) and electronic structure of novel materials at the molecular, nano, and bulk scales; the spectroscopy and electronic structure of ions in plasmas and the collisional and radiative processes that connect various states; plasma spectroscopy as an astrophysical diagnostic tool; novel applications of thermodynamics and kinetics and new algorithm development.

Late stages of stellar evolution and survey calibration.

Experimental surface physics