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Nursing student works with simulation lab equipment.

Nursing Simulation Center at APSU

The Nursing Simulation Center at APSU provides students with a state-of-the-art simulated clinical experience. While learning in the Center, students are exposed to a variety of patient conditions, treatments, and medications. Students are able to engage in realistic hands-on learning that empowers them to provide safe clinical care to those in the community they serve.

The Nursing Simulation Center operates under the Basic Assumption (Center for Medical Simulation, 2004), where we believe that everyone participating in activities at the Center is intelligent, capable, cares about doing their best, and wants to improve. The Center has also adopted the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Simulation Code of Ethics


Provide learners with a safe, interactive simulation-based educational experience that promotes interprofessional collaboration, evidence-based practice, and nursing excellence.
To create a regionally recognized simulation center that will improve patient outcomes in the community and beyond. 


Nursing students working with simulation lab equipment.

I feel more confident in my abilities after this simulation.

This simulation was beneficial and more realistic than what I expected.

I loved it. I needed to be challenged even though I was nervous.