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Creative Writing Concentration, M.A.

2019-2019 Graduate Bulletin - English M.A. with a Creative Writing Concentration


Master of Arts in English Program Course Requirements:

  • ENGL 5000 Bibliography and Methods of Research 3

  • Five (5) graduate-level literature courses (15 credits total)
  • Five (5) graduate-level courses (15 credits total; can include 6 thesis hours; can be literature, linguisitics, creative writing, professional/technical writing courses)
  • Passing score on Comprehensive Examination.

Twelve (12) credits in graduate-level creative writing courses. The courses listed below will count towards the Creative Writing Concentration and simultaneously count towards item 3 above. An approved thesis in creative writing can also count towards the 12 required credits. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in creative writing courses in order to complete the Creative Writing Concentration.

Creative Writing Courses

  • ENGL 541A - Seminar in Creative Writing: Prose Non-Fiction 3
  • ENGL 541B - Seminar in Creative Writing: Fiction 3
  • ENGL 541C - Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry 3
  • ENGL 5300 - The Art of Review 3
  • ENGL 5460 - Literary Journal Internship 3
  • ENGL 5990 - Thesis 3 or 6

This thesis (6 credits); counts towards Creative Writing Concentration only if it is an approved thesis in Creative Writing overseen by a Creative Writing faculty member.