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Animal Use Instructions For Investigators

  1. Training
    All investigators, students, and advisors named in a Protocol must complete the appropriate training. All persons listed must successfully complete the on-line training module, "Working with the IACUC" which can be found here.  In addition, investigators, advisors, and students need to successfully complete any modules that are relevant to the studied species and to the type of experiment. If the species you plan to work with is not covered by any of the on-line modules, it will be necessary to demonstrate that other training has been obtained.
  2. Animal Protocol Submission
    Following training and prior to the beginning of research, the principal investigator must have an approved "Animal Use Protocol." This form should be electronically completed and submitted to Kelly Pitts in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs located at McReynolds Hall, room 110. The principal investigator must also provide a signed hard copy of the protocol. This office will certify that training has been completed, assign a protocol number, and forward the protocol to the IACUC for review. All protocols must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the published meeting date.
  3. Animal Protocol Approval
    Upon review of the protocol, the IACUC chair will notify the principal investigator of the committee action.
  4. Annual Review
    Animal protocols are valid for 3 years. However, an annual review form must be filed by Feb 1.