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Staff Recruiting & Hiring Process

As a hiring manager, you play a critical role in the selection and retention of Austin Peay State University’s workforce. Selecting the right candidate for a job opening is one of your most important functions as a manager.

To assist you in this process, you have a dedicated partner in your Human Resources department and a robust recruitment/applicant management system in PeopleAdmin. The University’s goal is to use PeopleAdmin to capture and maintain all recruitment information, including hiring manager notes and decisions, in one system of record.

During all phases of the recruitment process, the Director of Human Resources will work with you to ensure the end results are successful and compliant by identifying top-tier candidates and conducting the search using Austin Peay’s rigorous recruitment practices that are guided by federal regulations and University policy.

We hope this workflow will serve as a tool and a reference for you as a hiring manager at Austin Peay State University.

hiring process workflow

Request to Fill Position

The first step to filling a vacant position is the Hiring Manager kicking off the Request to Fill process in PeopleAdmin. During this process, the job description will be reviewed to ensure it accurately reflects the position, advertising sources are identified, and search committees are formed. It is then routed forward for all appropriate approvals. The average time for the request to receive all approvals is 5 days. The workflow for approvals can be seen below.

Staff Request to Fill Workflow


Once the request to fill is approved by all parties, it will be posted on the Austin Peay website and an advertisement will be placed on HigherEdJobs. Human Resources will advertise in additional locations should the hiring department wish to do so, however the hiring departments are responsible for the cost of the advertisement.

Review Applications

Applications will be available to hiring managers immediately upon submission. Once the hiring manager/search committee selects candidates for interviews, you will need to request interview approval from the Office of Instituational Culture by moving the selected candidates to either "Recommend for Phone Interview" or "Recommend for In Person Interview." The candidates that are not moved forward for interview need to be moved to the status of "Not Hired, Not Interviewed" at this time.

Approval to interview is completed through PeopleAdmin. The Office of Institutional Culture reviews all applicant pools and, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, confirms the qualifications of the candidates to be interviewed.Once approval is received the department will notify, schedule, and perform the interviews.

References should only be contacted after receiving approval to interview.

Hiring Proposal

Once interviews have been conducted and a candidate has been recommended for hire by the search committee/department, the Hiring Manager will change the status of the candidate to Recommend for Hire in PeopleAdmin.

The Hiring Manager will then start the Hiring Proposal process in PeopleAdmin. 

staff hiring proposal

Make An Offer

Once the Office of Institutional Culture has reviewed the candidate and interview documents, the Hiring Manager will make the offer to the candidate, indicate the accepted salary and start date, and move the workflow to HR. HR will generate an employment agreement that will be sent to the employee via Adobe Sign. Employment Agreements will not be generated by the Office of Human Resources if a candidate is deemed not qualified for an advertised position. Hiring managers are encouraged to utilize the extending the job offer script, which can be requested from HR here, when verbally offering a candidate the position.

Notify Applicants 

After receiving the signed contract, HR will mark the posting as filled which generates an automatic email to each applicant. This email is based on the status of the applicant. It is important for the Hiring Manager to transition candidates to the proper status throughout the process. There are two final statuses: Not Hired, Interviewed and Not Hired, Not Interviewed.