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Robyn Yates poses for photo in Maynard building lab

Robyn Yates

“Austin Peay gave me a new beginning, an opportunity. I had no direction, no clue what I wanted to do. Now I’m so excited and ready to rule the world with code. I’m stoked.”
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Involvement: Association of Computing Machinery

Robyn Yates’ first go at college, studying nursing at a community college in Texas, just didn’t stick.

She couldn’t see herself going into nursing. Then the military brought her family to Clarksville, and she worked for a couple of years. But she wanted to go back to college.

Robyn Yates at graduation
Yates graduated at the December 2018 commencement ceremony in the Dunn Center.

“I was thinking computer science or math, and I saw that the (Austin Peay) program was a really good one, so I thought I would try it,” she said. “I took a coding class, I fell in love with it, so from there I was, ‘This is what I’m going to do forever,’ and I haven’t stopped since.”

She’s set to graduate and already has a job offer in Texas. Her dream is to work at Disney, especially after connecting with a Disney representative at a recent hackathon at Georgia Tech and learning that Walt Disney World rides run on code.

“I was like, ‘I can make magic and write code,” Yates said.


She cherishes her time at Austin Peay, and she credits Dr. James Church, a computer science assistant professor, with much of her success.

“I gained a lot of confidence that I didn’t know I could have because I found something that I’m passionate about,” Yates said.

“It’s such a good career because the world is going to technology, everything is going there, so to be passionate about it and to have it be such a great way to go, it’s awesome.”