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ESL Institute & APSU Undergraduate Application for Admission

This application should be used by international students wishing to apply for:

  • Full-time ESL admission only, or
  • Full-time ESL and APSU undergraduate admission

Students who are not studying under an F-1 student visa should use this application form.

A new student and express mail payment of $115 is required at time of application for ESL admission only. For ESL and APSU undergraduate admission, the payment is $140. If not used, the express mail payment will be applied towards tuition. 

If a printable application is preferred, please contact the ESL Institute at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin this online application form, please review the questions and gather all required information. The form cannot be saved if only partially completed. You will be able to print a copy of the entire form for your records when you have finished.

1. Name
2. Permanent Address (in home country)
This must be your permanent address in your home country. If you are in the United States now, do not enter your U.S. address. You will enter your U.S. address in #9.
(Street number and name)
(Apartment, suite or P.O. box number if applicable)
(Country code, area code and number)
(Country code, area code, number)
(Country code, area code, number)
3. Email Address
Please provide a complete email address which you check regularly. Do not enter an agent, family relative or friend email. This must be student's email. Other email address can be added in questions 10 and 12.
4. Date of Birth
5. Gender
6. Citizenship
7. Are you Hispanic/Latino?
8. Select one or more race(s)
9. Do you need an I-20 Form from the ESL Institute at APSU?
The I-20 Form is used to apply for an F-1 international student visa. The ESL Institute will only provide I-20 forms to students who apply for the intensive English program (full-time study).
(area code and number: xxx-xxx-xxxx)
10. Do you have a local sponsor or relative in the Clarksville/Nashville area?
Emergency contact/local sponsor information
If you have a relative or sponsor living in the Clarksville/Nashville area, please provide their contact information below. We will work with them to ensure they receive information about your registration and classes in order to assist you with your arrival and transition to the ESL Institute.
Street, P.O. Box and/or Apt #
Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
11. Are you under (less than) 18 years old?
Parent/guardian information (required for students under 18)
(Country code, area code, number)
Street/PO Box/Apt #
12. Agent/Education Consultant
13. Academic History
Please do not abbreviate. An official transcript must be sent to the ESL Institute and/or the Office of Admissions.
(month and year)
(month and year)
14. Colleges and universities previously attended
Please DO NOT abbreviate. List ALL colleges and universities previously attended, including APSU (main campus and Fort Campbell), and language programs in chronological sequence.
(month and year)
Institution 2
Institution 3
Institution 4
Institution 5
15. When will you start ESL classes?
16. Entry level
17. Housing preference
18. When do you plan to begin taking undergraduate courses at Austin Peay?
18b. Undergraduate Major
Please select your intended major and major code from the drop down list; include a concentration code if applicable.
18c. Selective Service registration
Consistent with the federal Military Service Selective Service Act, Tennessee law requires all male applicants to be registered with the Selected Service (or certify exemption from the registration requirement) prior to enrolling in state colleges and universities. You must certify compliance in section 1 below or indicate the basis upon which you claim exemption in section 2 below. For more information, or to register online, please go to
19. Applicant acknowledgement

If you are accepted as a student at APSU, you will be required to take certain performance tests during your academic career. It is a requirement of admissions that you agree to take an tests deemed necessary by the University. The purpose of this requirement is to comply with the Tennessee Legislature's expressed intent that institutions regularly evaluate and improve instruction at all levels. If you are under 21 years of age and are required to complete academic assessment testing, your scores on these tests and course placement may be reported to your high school for research purposes. Any test scores will be treated confidentially as required by law.

By submission of this application, I certify that the information supplied on this form is complete and true. I understand that falsifying information may lead to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the University. If accepted for admission, I agree to abide by all APSU rules and regulations as printed in the Code of Student Conduct, ESL Institute Student Handbook, Undergraduate Bulletin and other University publications.

Full name of current student: Given and Family names
Information for students with disability
If you have a learning or physical disability and want information on types of services and support that are available, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 931-221-6230 voice, 931-221-6278 tty. It is recommended that students who may benefit from these services notify the ESL Institute so that appropriate accommodations can be arranged.

Note: You must also press the "Submit" button in order for your application to be submitted.