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Justin Oelgoetz


Physics, Engineering and Astronomy

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Physics - Ohio State University
  • B.S. in Chemistry - Florida State University

Dr. Oelgoetz joined APSU in 2008.  He graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry in 1998 from Florida State University in Tallahassee Florida before entering the Chemical Physics Ph.D. program at Ohio State University.  At Ohio State his research and dissertation work focused on the way hot astrophysical plasmas interact with light, modeling the X-ray emissions of energetic events including solar flares and material falling into black holes.  After graduating from Ohio State in 2006, Dr. Oelgoetz worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM.  There he continued to work on the interaction of light and matter, for astrophysical and national security applications.

Since coming to Austin Peay Dr. Oelgoetz has branched out, working on problems in the spectroscopy of amorphous solids.  His work focuses on using supercomputers to model the way various amorphous solids interact with (absorb, emit, and scatter) light.  He also serves as the faculty mentor for APSU's student run high altitude balloon group and the APSU point of contact (APSU PI) for NASA Spacegrant. 

  • Spectroscopy (both materials and plasmas)
  • Structure of amorphous solids
  • Application of high performance computing to problems in science (and other fields)
  • Application of microprocessors and microcontrollers to scientific experiments
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