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Hamid Noghanibehambari

Hamid Noghanibehambari

Assistant Professor

Accounting, Finance, & Economics


Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison - 2023
Ph.D. in Economics, Texas Tech University - 2021
M.Sc. in Economics, Sharif University of Technology - 2016
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology - 2013

For more detailed information about my background and current activities, please visit my website.

Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics, Economics of Education, Environmental Economics

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  • Fletcher, J, Noghanibehambari, H (2024) The Siren Song of Cicadas: Early-Life Pesticide Exposure and Later-Life Mortality, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2024) Unequal before Death: The Effect of Paternal Education on Children’s Old-Age Mortality, Population Studies
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2024) Dust to Feed, Dust to Grey: The Effect of In-Utero Exposure to the Dust Bowl on Old-Age Longevity, Demography
  • Fletcher, J, Noghanibehambari, H (2023) The Effects of Education on Mortality: Evidence Using College Expansions, Health Economics
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2023) Long-Term Health Benefits of Occupational Licensing: Evidence from Midwifery Laws, Journal of Health Economics
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Noghani, F (2023) Long-run Intergenerational Health Benefits of Women Empowerment: Evidence from Suffrage Movements in the US, Health Economics
  • Noghanibehambari, H (2023) Intergenerational Benefits of Childhood Health Intervention: Evidence from Measles Vaccination, American Journal of Health Economics
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2023) In Utero and Childhood Exposure to Alcohol and Old-Age Mortality: Evidence from the Temperance Movement in the US, Economics & Human Biology
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2023) The Early Bird Catches the Worm: The Effect of Birth Order on Old-Age Mortality, Population & Development Review
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Bagheri, H, Salari, M, Tavassoli, N, Javid, R (2023) Breathing in the Future: Prenatal Exposure to Air Pollution and Infants’ Health Outcomes in the USA, Public Health
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Fletcher, J (2022) Childhood Exposure to Birth Registration Laws and Old-Age Mortality, Health Economics
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  • Salari, M, Noghanibehambari, H (2021)  Natural Resources, Women and Corruption, Resources Policy
  • Salari, M, Javid, R, Noghanibehambari, H (2021) CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, and Economic Growth in the U.S., Economic Analysis and Policy.
  • Noghanibehambari, H, Salari, M (2020) Health Benefits of Social Insurance, Health Economics