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David Major


Languages & Literature


PhD in English, Oklahoma State University

Teacher of technical writing Editor of reports
  • Technical writing
  • Computer editing
  • Interviewing
  • International communication
  • Collaboration
  • Japanese literature and film
  1. “Collaboration and Technology in Writing: 'Hey Siri, will you edit my document?’  ‘I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.’” 
  2. "Reclaiming Bushidō as the Way of the Civil Servant in Kurosawa’s Ikiru" 
  3. "Taking the Shine off the Shining Prince: Narrative Subversion in The Tale of Genji" 
  4. “How Computer Editing Responds to Types of Writing Errors” 
  5. “Collaboration: How Japanese Poetry Can Help Tech Writers” 
  6. co-author with Akihiro Yoshida “Crossing National and Corporate Cultures: Stages in Localizing a Pre-Production Report” 
  7. co-author with Tatsuya Fukushima “Translation Course in Film Subtitling”
  8. "The Satirizing Superpowers Stephen Dedalus and Zarathustra"