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Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee

Assistant Professor

College of Education

  • Contact

  • leea@apsu.edu
  • 931-221-7098
  • Claxton Building Room CX 206

Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership

Master of Science in Education: Emphasis in English for Speakers of Other Languages

Master of Arts in History

Master of Public Administration

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Associate of Arts

Dr. Lee lived in South Korea (2006 to 2012 and 2016 to 2021) prior to teaching at APSU. She worked at three South Korean universities and two universities in the U.S. She has taught a wide range of courses in education, history, English, business, and public administration. Dr. Lee has also worked extensively with North Korean refugees and created educational programs in South Korea to support refugee integration.

Refugee Education

North and South Korean Education Systems

International and Comparative Education

English Language Education

Educational Technology

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Invited Publication:

Lee, A. R. (2018). The challenges of North Korean refugees in China. University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute.