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Tara Hill

Tara Hill

Assistant Professor

College of Education


Ph.D. In Learning, Teaching, and Diversity (emphasis in Language, Literacy, & Culture), Vanderbilt University
M.Ed. in English Education, Vanderbilt University
B.A. in English and Secondary Education, Thomas More College

Dr. Hill has been a faculty member at APSU since 2011, teaching undergraduate and graduate literacy courses and overseeing the Reading masters program. She previously taught high school English.

  • Digital and multimodal literacies
  • Literacy practice and development
  • Educational technology
  • English language learners
  • Teacher education
  • Hill, T. (in press). Reading and writing methods for English language learners. In C. Lowe (Ed.), Foundations of teaching English language learners. Cognella.
  • Hill, T. & Stone, A. (in press). Empowering teachers as literacy leaders: A strategy for teacher retention. Tennessee Educational Leadership Journal.
  • Zimmerle, J., Hill, T. & He, H. (in press). Effective strategies for attracting candidates to online graduate programs. Tennessee Educational Leadership Journal.
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