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Jessica Fripp

Jessica Fripp

Associate Professor

Psychological Science and Counseling

  • University of South Carolina, PhD, (Counselor Education and Supervision)
  • Winthrop University, MEd, (Community Counseling)
  • Winthrop University, BA (Psychology)

Dr. Jessica Fripp is an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education & Supervision and the Clinical Mental Health Practicum/Internship Coordinator for the Master of Science in Counseling graduate program. She received her MEd in Community Counseling at Winthrop University in 2010 and her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision in 2015 at the University of South Carolina.

  • Help-seeking behavior and engagement of diverse populations in mental health counseling
  • Mental health and wellness in African American communities
  • Stigma reduction and non-traditional intervention to engage African Americans in mental health
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