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Meal Plan Agreement

This agreement contains detailed meal plan information concerning the mandatory and voluntary meal plans for APSU residents and commuter meal plans.

The APSU Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services Office (Housing) and you, the meal plan recipient, agree to the following:


  1. All residents of the APSU Housing System, except for Two Rivers and Emerald Hills residents, must participate in a meal plan for both the Fall and Spring semesters.
  2. All Freshmen residents must select from among any of the "Unlimited" plans, 14, or 10 meals per week plans.
  3. If you do not select a meal plan option during the Housing Application process, Housing will automatically assign you the 14-plus plan option.
  4. Housing will post both room assignment and meal plan fees to your University fee statement.
  5. You may change a meal plan, for any reason, up to the fourteenth day of classes of each semester. Freshmen must select from among the Freshman meal plan options.
  6. Students may select a different Spring meal plan than the Fall plan previously selected. However, Freshmen must select from among the Freshmen meal plan options.


Govs Dining provides students the ability to purchase items from The Caf, Food Court, Einstein Brothers Bagels, Element's Cafe (Sundquist kiosk), the Market at MUC, Starbucks, The Terrace, The Terrace Market using a declining balance of flex dollar, dining dollars, and/or Govs Bucks.

  1. All students/faculty/staff with an official, active APSU ID card may purchase dining dollars separate from a meal plan, for use in all dining locations.
  2. All flex dollars and/or dining dollars remaining at the end of the Fall semester will roll over to the Spring Semester, Only if a meal plan is purchased for both fall and spring semesters, otherwise they are forfeited. Unused meals DO NOT roll over to the Spring Semester. If leaving APSU Housing after the Fall, use all flex dollars and/or dining dollars or they will expire.
  3. All flex dollars and/or dining dollars remaining as of the day before the Spring Commencement of each year expire if not used. Unused flex dollars and dining dollars are NOT refundable.
  4. Flex dollars and dining dollars are not for use at the APSU Bookstore, sporting event concession stands, or any other eatery/vending/meal-providing source on campus not specified above.
  5. Meal plans, flex dollars, and dining dollars are non-transferable to other students.
  6. Flex dollars and dining dollars are not the same as Govs Bucks.



For Meal Plan cancellations, all students must provide either 1) proof from the Registrar's Office that you have canceled your registration from APSU or 2) proof from APSU Housing of a contract cancellation.

  1. If you cancel your APSU registration before the start of the academic year, Housing will provide a full refund of payments made towards your meal plan.
  2. If you cancel your APSU Housing contract before the start of the academic semester/meal plans, you will receive a full refund of payments made towards your meal plan.
  3. You are fully liable for your meal plan Agreement unless and until Housing releases you from the Housing License Agreement. If APSU Housing does not provide a release from the Housing License Agreement, you will remain liable for your meal plan, even if you choose to vacate the assigned room and live off-campus. If APSU Housing releases you from the Housing License Agreement, you will receive a refund of the balance remaining on your account as of the date you have properly checked out of your residence hall with Housing staff.
  4. If Housing approves a Meal Plan Waiver, you will receive a refund of the remaining balance of your meal plan.


Students will receive meal plan refunds according to the rent refund policy included in the APSU Housing License Agreement for University Housing, except for provision 4 below, which authorizes a meal plan waiver process. 

  1. If a student moves out of the residence hall due to personal illness (confirmed in writing by a licensed physician on official letterhead) OR at the request of the University for other than disciplinary reasons (e.g. marriage, academic suspension), Housing will make a pro-rated refund.
  2. If Housing forces a student out of Housing due to withdrawal from the university, Housing will make a percentage refund based on the same refund percentages used for general maintenance fees (see Undergraduate/Graduate Bulletin for dates for the 75% and 25% refund periods). The actual refund amount may be less than the specified percentage rate if the billing by the contractor (meals and flex dollars/dining dollars purchases) exceeds the calculated refund for that student. Flex dollars and dining dollars which roll over from Fall to Spring are NOT refundable.
  3. Housing will make no refund to a student who moves out of the residence halls for any other reason except those noted in sections 1 and 2 under "Refunds."
  4. Housing may make exceptions to this refund policy after consideration of a completed Meal Plan Waiver Request form.


  1. Govs Dining REQUIRES your APSU Govs ID card for all Meal Plan/Flex Dollars/Dining Dollars transactions, with no exceptions.
  2. The APSU Govs ID card is the property of the University and the responsibility of the student. Students may not transfer or loan their card to another student or any other individual.
  3. Report all lost or stolen APSU Govs ID cards immediately to the APSU Govs ID card office located in the Morgan University Center room 207. The University will charge a fee to replace the card.
  4. If the APSU Govs ID card office is closed, the Caf is the only dining location that will allow a "manual" transaction for a meal after signing a log to authorize a manual update of your meal plan account. Govs Dining will allow this option until 9 a.m. on the next day the APSU Govs ID card office is open.
  5. The University assumes no liability for meals or declining balance monies used by a third party.
  6. The 14, and 10 meal plan options represent a per-week meal count. The "block plans" represent a per-semester declining meal count. Students will take each meal at the Caf. Students may transfer meal credits for use at other dining locations by using the "meal exchange" options when available. Meal plan and block participants may use the "meal exchange" option at all Govs Dining locations except for convenience store and snack shop purchases.
  7. When using the "meal exchange" option, students must notify the cashier BEFORE transactions otherwise the cashier will deduct the transaction cost from your flex dollars and/or dining dollars balance.
  8. Govs Dining allows for the use of up to three meals per day. On Saturdays and Sundays, Govs Dining serves brunch and dinner meals in the Cafeteria.
  9. The "meal week" runs from Sunday morning to Saturday at midnight. With the 14, and 10 meal plan options, Govs Dining will allow a maximum of THREE meal exchanges per day. Unused meals on these meal plans do not carry forward to the next week. Housing will not refund missed meals.
  10. For a list of hours and locations, visit https://govsdining.sodexomyway.com. You will also find a list of any deviation from the normal dining hours at this site.
  11. Govs Dining reserves the right to change the services or hours of operation. Notice will be given, with modified schedules posted in all dining locations and at the site listed above.

By entering this Agreement, the Student accepts and agrees to abide by all University rules, regulations, and policies, including those outlined in this Agreement and the Student Code of Conduct. A student who violates any rule, regulation, or policy may be subject to disciplinary action by the University, which may result in the revocation of this Agreement, and the Student may be banned from University dining locations. A Student who has this Meal Plan Agreement revoked remains liable for all meal plan costs. In the event of a conflict between this Agreement, the regulations, policies, or procedures published by Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services, and the Student Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct will control.