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Welcome to PPHS!


Pre-Professional Health Society was founded to not only assist students in the preparation for the health profession but also to show students why it is so important have a diverse resume before you apply to any professional schools. PPHS gives you the oppurtunity to hear first hand from students that have been accepted or are currently applying. The Society connects you with students who have already taken the courses you are planning on taking. Please take some time to navigate through the pages on the left. If you have any questions, contact the Monica Pan, PPHS Secretary. 

Why join PPHS?

The Pre-Professional Health Society is an organization founded by students pursuing a profession in the health field. This organization is not only very knowledgeable for incoming freshman pursuing health professions, but it is also very eye opening to a lot of students that come to Austin Peay. The PPHS help students whom join the organization to understand how important organization, commitment, and caring for other people that one must have to be in the health field. This is done by helping students get involved in fundraising, campus involvement, philanthropy’s, volunteer service, and even internships. The PPHS is here to not only help students, but to guide them and give them the support needed to become whatever healthcare professional that they desire. For more information, please contact us.


PPHS Executive Board