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An organization designed for the College of Business to provide financial education and networking opportunities for all students, specifically those majoring, minoring, or with an interest in the accounting profession.

Organization President:  Danyul Pulley
Advisor(s):  Dr. Dan Meyer, Lesley Davidson, & Jennifer Thayer
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Alpha Kappa Psi is the premier developer of principled business leaders and is a co-ed professional business fraternity. This award-winning chapter (Zeta Phi) was chartered in 1965 at APSU and is open to all majors. Alpha Kappa Psi's core values include: service, unity, knowledge, integrity, and brotherhood. For more information on joining, you can email the Vice President of Membership.

Organization President:  Trenton Denton
Additional Resources:
Zeta Phi Chapter Website
Alpha Kappa Psi National Website
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The purpose of the Larry W. Carroll Govs Fund is to provide a valuable experiential-learning opportunity for students and allow them to explore their passions in finance and investments by enabling them to manage an investment portfolio. The opportunity to be a Student Portfolio Manager is open to all APSU CoB students. At the beginning of each academic year, the Faculty Govs Funds Advisors will meet to select students from a pool of applicants. The Student Portfolio Managers works closely with the Faculty Govs Funds Advisors to achieve the purpose and investment objective of the Govs Funds.

Organization President:  Allison Bagwell
Advisor(s):  Dong Nyonna

The League of Servant Leaders connects APSU students (specifically with an interest in business) with opportunities to serve the community while developing their professional network.

Organization President:  n/a
Advisor(s):  Elaina Russell
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The mission of Sigma Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote aspirations toward personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.  Sigma Beta Delta represents the top students in the College of Business. 

Organization President:  N/A
Advisor(s):  Lesley Davidson
Additional Resources:
Sigma Beta Delta National Website

SHRM APSU is affiliated with the national SHRM organization and provides APSU students the opportunity to learn from business professionals in the field of Human Resource Management. Through open forums and information exchanges, members build their networks and apply the work-related experience of professionals with the theoretical academic perspectives of student and faculty members. 

Organization President: 
Advisor(s):  Dr. Gloria Miller
Additional Resources:
SHRM National Website
Application for Membership

The Student Advisory Council for the College of Business consists of students who are dedicated in serving APSU and their College.  Not only do the students meet to discuss issues within the College but they also serve as a liaison between the College of Business student body and the administration, to include the Dean, Associate Dean, and Department Chairs.  All Council members are expected to exemplify the best qualities of Austin Peay and maintain the highest ethical standards.  They are also expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while promoting the mission of the College of Business. 

Members of the Student Advisory Council are selected after a call-for-nominations is sent to the faculty of the College.  A selection committee appoints those nominated to specific representative chairs.

Advisor(s):  Dr. Emily Lean , Dr. Susan Cockrell & Elaina Russell

Accounting Representative: Meagan Barlow
Finance Representative: Mason Sivels 
Marketing Representative: Emma Burns
Management Representative: open
Graduate Program Representative: Noah Johnson     
Organization Representative (AKPsi): Edgar Maldonado
Organization Representative (SGA): Adam Law 
Organizational Representative (Honors/PELP): Jacob Knight
Organization Representative (Govs Fund): Alessa Tomboc    
Organization Representative (ASAP): Cal Livingston   
Senior Class Representative: Nate Toothman          
Junior Class Representative: TaLeighya Ransom 
Sophomore Class Representative: Timothy Williams
Freshman Class Representative: Miles McRee