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Department of Art + DesignDr. Tony Morris

Dr. Tony Morris - Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Letters

PhD Case Western Reserve University 
Professor - Art History


"Pissed On or Pissed Off: Andy Warhol's Oxidized Portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat," Art Inquiries (2020) 6-16.

“Gee, He Has No Brushstroke: Gender Performance in Andy Warhol’s Oxidation Paintings,” Art Inquiries (2016) 7-16.

“McLean Fahnestock: Over the Horizon,” Number 87 (Summer 2016) 12-13.

“Interview: Barry Jones,” Number 80 (Fall 2014) 10-11.

“Paul Cadmus and Carnival, 1934: Representing the Comic Grotesque,” American Art (Fall 2012).


"Queering Gender: Crossdressing in Paul Cadmus's Sailor Paintings," Midwest Art History Society Conference, Milwaukee, WI, March 30, 2023

"Exposing Photography's History: Paul Mpagi Sepuya's Mirrors," Midwest Art History Society Conference, virtual, March 19, 2020

“Industrial Expressionism: Hedda Sterne, Fortune, Deere & Co.” SECAC in Birmingham, AL, October 18, 2018

“Unerotic: Andy Warhol’s Disappointing Sex Parts” College Art Association in Los Angeles, CA, February 24, 2018

“Cruising Art History: Kehinde Wiley’s Erotic Spaces” SECAC in Columbus, OH, October 27, 2017

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Queer and Black Identities in Nick Cave’s Soundsuits” Midwest Art History Society Conference in Cleveland, OH April 2017

“Paul Cadmus, 1933-39: Alcohol and Prohibited Sexual Mores,” Southeast College Art Conference in Roanoke, VA October 2016

“Glenn Ligon does Richard Pryor: Queering Black Masculinity” Southeast College Art Conference in Pittsburgh, PA October 2015

“The Language of Silence: Ray Johnson, Cy Twombly, and the ‘Closet’” Southeast College Art Conference in Sarasota, FL, October 2014

“Grant Wood and Stuart Davis: Rival Modernisms in America, 1913-1942” Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA, July 2014, invited lecture for exhibition titled “Two Americans in Paris: Stuart Davis and Grant Wood”

“Uncensored: The Queerly Positive Reception of Paul Cadmus’s 1937 Solo Exhibition” Midwest Art History Society in St. Louis, MO, April 2014

“The Democracy of Urine: Reading Iconography in Andy Warhol’s Oxidation Paintings” Southeast College Art Conference in Greensboro, NC, October 2013

“Labor and Sadism: Paul Cadmus’s The Herrin Massacre, 1940” Southeast College Art Conference in Durham, NC, October 2012

“Documenting the Gaze: One Spencer Tunick Model’s Experience” Southeast College Art Conference in Savannah, GA, November 2011

“Censoring Paul Cadmus: Queer Desire and The Fleet’s In! Controversy” College Art Association in Chicago, IL, February 2010