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Department of Art + Design
Amirmasoud Agharebparast

Amirmasoud Agharebparast

MFA Pennsylvania State University
Professor - Photography
Art + Design Building 229

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Amir is a photographer who is active in photography, videography, and media. Although he considers himself a photographer, he confines himself to neither his medium nor major. Not only he received MFA from Pennsylvania State University, but also he explored other areas and has been conferred a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering.

While most of his work deals with memories rooted deeply in his personal life, it is also looking outward into people’s nostalgia. His work is profoundly affected by his background studies in Architecture and his life as an overly organized person. Carefully composed straight lines, organized grid layouts, and carefully shaped artworks speak to him.

Amir has been awarded for his photographs nationally and internationally a couple of times. Also, he has received international distinctions and awards from different photography organizations including Royal Photographic Society, Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique, Global Photographic Union, and Photographic Society of America. He has shown his work in galleries and museums around the world and in the US in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Pennsylvania. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Art and Design at Austin Peay State University and teaches photography and art.


Amirmasoud Agharebparast From the Documentary Project Heads, Dust and Smoke
20" x 30"
Archival Inkjet Print


Amirmasoud AgharebparastDetail from the Multi-Media Project Encapsulated Memories

Amirmasoud AgharebparastInstallation View of Iranians, Objects, Words
90 pieces of Archival Inkjet Prints
Overall Size of the Artwork: 26 x 188 in.