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Counselors and Staff

Name Title Phone Email Department Location/Office PO Box Faculty/Staff
Dana Alley Alley, Dana Admissions Clerk 931-221-7273 alleyd@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 129 PO Box 4548 Staff
Lori Amor Amor, Lori Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-6863 amorl@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 114 PO Box 4548 Staff
Nora Beerman Beerman, Nora Coordinator of Campus Welcome Center and Events 931-221-6865 beermann@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 117B PO Box 4548 Staff
Amy Corlew Corlew, Amy Executive Director 931-221-6131 corlewa@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 118 PO Box 4548 Staff
Dylan Cross Cross, Dylan Assistant Director of Admissions Technology 931-221-7663 crossd@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 132 PO Box 4548 Staff
Della Dennis Dennis, Della Technical Clerk 931-221-6441 dennisd@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 123 PO Box 4548 Staff
Breanna Fincher Fincher, Breanna Catalog Course Specialist 931-221-7682 fincherb@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 001A PO BOX 4568 Staff
Lori Graber Graber, Lori Admissions Lead Worker 931-221-7261 graberl@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 129 PO Box 4548 Staff
Candice Hackbarth Hackbarth, Candice Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-6862 hackbarthc@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 110 PO BOX 4548 Staff
Alejandro Herrera Herrera, Alejandro Director of Recruitment & Orientation 931-221-7658 herreraa@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 124 PO Box 4548 Staff
Ryan Horton Horton, Ryan Counselor 931-221-7734 hortonr@apsu.edu Admissions 325 Drane Street, Rm. 1 PO Box 4568 Staff
Michael Johansen Johansen, Michael Admissions Counselor 931-221-7723 johansenm@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 126 PO BOX 4568 Staff
Nataile McClendon Douglass McClendon Douglass, Nataile Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-6861 mcclendondouglassn@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 110 PO BOX 4548 Staff
Michele McGowan McGowan, Michele Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-7577 mcgowanm@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 110 PO Box 4548 Staff
Kristine Minteer Minteer, Kristine Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-6827 minteerk@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 116 PO Box 4548 Staff
Taylor Price Price, Taylor CRM Specialist 931-221-6826 pricet@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 133 PO BOX 4508 Staff
John Sammons Sammons, John Transfer Coordinator 931-221-7280 sammonsj@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 137 PO Box 4548 Staff
Vanessa Sanford Sanford, Vanessa Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-1415 sanfordv@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 111 PO Box 4548 Staff
Kresendo Smith Smith, Kresendo Senior Admissions Clerk 931-221-6342 smithkd@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 111 PO Box 4548 Staff
Dawn VanderLee VanderLee, Dawn Admissions Coordinator 931-221-7122 vanderleed@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 121 PO Box 4548 Staff
Kay Wadia Wadia, Kay Office Supervisor 931-221-1023 wadiak@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 112 PO Box 4548 Staff
Darrion Wiley-Hunt Wiley-Hunt, Darrion Admissions Counselor 931-221-7660 wileyhuntd@apsu.edu Admissions Ellington Hall EL 122 Staff
Constance Yarbrough Yarbrough, Constance Admissions Clerk 931-221-7661 yarbroughc@apsu.edu Admissions PO Box 4548 Staff
 Admissions 931-221-7661 Admissions EL LOBBY PO Box 4548

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