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Promoting Academic Student Success (PASS)

Promoting Academic Student Success (PASS) is a cohort of students who are in academic probation either pre- or post- suspension. These courses are designed to help you repave your Path to Graduation. These courses have a unique experience attached to them - a true Austin Peay State University experience. The courses remain flexible and adjust to that student population's needs while also maintaining core concepts that have been proven throughout higher education research. These courses are maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Persistence.

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I am on Academic Probation, but I do not want to take PASS 0900.

We understand that students may at first be hesitant to take these courses, but they are required for your success at the university if you enter Academic Probation status. These courses are not a punishment, but an added support tool to your academic toolkit. These courses are designed to be reflective and engaging, and to help you grow in your academic pursuit for your future career. 

These courses are required for all students who are on Academic Probation. By passing 'PASS,' you are allowed to your academic suspension if your GPA does not reach the standard 2.0. However, if you fail PASS, or do not take PASS at all, you will not be allowed to appeal your suspension.

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How will PASS help me?

A great question! PASS is designed with the student population in mind. It provides critical thinking, research assistance, writing assistance, and reflection as core content initiatives. These courses are not designed to punish students. They are designed to help you grow and find what areas you can improve on, and help you repave your Path to Graduation. Our ultimate goal is to watch you walk across the stage at Commencement! 

These courses will provide you with a Peer Leader, Staff/Faculty Mentor, and your PASS instructor - all there to help you reach commencement! 

Course Content can be found here:

PASS 0900 Course Information

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