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Student Engagement Opportunities and Resources 

This section provides an overview of some of the engagement opportunities and resources offered to APSU students. This is not a comprehensive look at the many opportunities available, but will hopefully provide a foundation for you to assist your students in the future. 

Career Services

Morgan University Center, Room 210
careerservices@apsu.edu (931) 221-6544

Hello everyone. My name is Meghan Simpson. I'm the Employer Relations Manager in the Career Services Office here at Austin Peay. Much of my role centers around connecting employers with our students oftentimes via our Jobs4Govs portal, which I will tell you more about today. In addition to Jobs4Govs, I will highlight Austin Peay's equal employment opportunity policies as well as faculty recommendations from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, also known as NACE. I'm also excited to tell you about our upcoming Fall 2020 career fairs, and the importance of partnering together to ensure student success. After this session, you should understand more about the job search resources for students here at Austin Peay, what your role and responsibilities are in this process, and how we can all work together to better support our students to be successful after graduation.

While Career Services offers resume reviews, career assessments, classroom presentations, mock interviews, and more, one of our most popular services is Jobs4Govs. This is a stand-alone website where students can go to apply for full-time or part-time jobs, internships, student employment, and graduate assistant ships. All students have access to Jobs4Govs via their single sign on login. Students and alumni have free access to this system for life, no matter where they're at in the job search. Jobs4Govs allows us to centralize job postings in one place and send out opportunities quickly and easily to students. You can also share postings on Jobs4Govs with your students by accessing your faculty Jobs4Govs account. This portal allows us to vet all employers and positions and prevent scam employment opportunities from being passed along to students. Jobs4Govs also allows us to ensure that equal employment opportunity is offered to all students. For more about Jobs4Govs or to login to your faculty account, please visit our website at apsu.edu/jobs4govs.

Speaking of equal employment opportunity policies, I've included the APSU policy regarding equal opportunity affirmative action, and nondiscrimination in this presentation. Well, you may know of job opportunities that you want to share. Students may have employers that contact you directly to refer students to them. It is very important that you keep this EEO policy in mind if you recommend students to an employer without sharing the opportunity with all qualified students. This is known as cherry-picking. This is a violation of equal employment opportunity and can give a student grounds to say you are the university. How do you avoid this scenario? Please refer all employers and pass along all opportunities to the Career Services office. We instruct employers to register and post positions in Jobs4Govs. Since all students have equal access to Jobs4Govs, this ensures equal employment opportunity requirements. I encourage you to review the National Association of Colleges and Employers faculty recommendations linked on our website. NACE offers these guidelines to maintain a recruitment process for students that is fair and equitable and supports informed and responsible decision-making by candidates. As a professional association that connects career services professionals with recruiting professionals, NACE serves as a leading source of information, employment, hiring trends, best practices, and more. APSU Career Services abides by these NACE standards that faculty recommendations explain more about the do's and don'ts of student referrals, diversity and employment reference checks and more.

We plan to have several on-campus career fairs this fall observing social distancing and other university requirements to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We have opportunities for students in specific majors and colleges, as well as events designed for all majors in order to ensure optimal attendance. We appreciate any support that you can provide in spreading the word about our career fairs and encouraging students to attend. In the past, we've had professors bring their students during class times or offer extra credit to attend. By encouraging student attendance, this makes it more worthwhile for our recruiters to return to our campus, therefore, offering more job opportunities directly to our students. Career fair preparation resources can be found on our website by clicking the Events tab on the left navigation menu.

We appreciate your support and partnership. Please consider including career building activities in your classes. A great way to start is by requiring a resume submission assignment. We provide feedback on all resumes submitted to our email at careerservices@apsu.edu. We also have many presentations available for all levels of students covering resume writing to personal branding, LinkedIn development, and more. Request presentations using the request form on the faculty and staff tab on our website, I've included our contact information. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. Career development is an essential part of the college experience and it's never too early to start encouraging students in this area. Thank you for helping us build better futures for our Govs. 

Jobs4Govs provides FREE access to all APSU students and alumni of a centralized positing of employment opportunities for students (external and internal) and encourages students to develop a strong resume. Jobs4Govs allows students and alumni to:

  • Apply for student employment jobs
  • Find internships/co-ops, full and part-time job opportunities
  • View upcoming employer events/programming
  • View upcoming career fairs 
  • View upcoming on-campus interviews schedules
  • Schedule appointments with career advisors
  • Upload resumes, cover letters and more
  • Search for employers
  • Schedule job search alerts
  • RSVP for events or workshops

All faculty members have access to a Faculty Account in Jobs4Govs, which allows you to do the following: 

  • Open positions for students (full and part-time, internships, co-ops, and summer jobs)
  • On-campus interview schedules
  • Information sessions/tabling events
  • Vendor list for career fairs and events
  • Recommend jobs for students

Log in to your account and learn more under the Faculty tab at www.apsu.edu/careers/jobs4govs

Learning Resource Center

Marks Building, Room 124
learningctr@apsu.edu (931) 221-6550

Hi, I'm Samantha Mallory, Director of the Learning Resource Center. I oversee peer tutoring, Structured Learning Assistance, test preparation workshops, study and software resources, and the Testing Center at Austin Peay State University. We want to ensure that you are familiar with the following information because the success of our students may depend on your ability to refer them to appropriate academic support resources.

Students should be aware that they have the opportunity to earn college level test scores through our testing center that would allow them to test out of enhanced sections of classes. However, they should also feel confident knowing that if they take an enhanced section or a traditionally challenging course, they will have adequate support through our structured learning assistance program to help them be successful. Students should know that they have access to 24/7 online tutoring, that they can access through D2L, or that they have the option to meet with an APSU peer tutor who can relate to their personal experiences.

Although the Writing Center does not fall under the Learning Resource Center, students can receive feedback and tips for improving their papers in the Woodward Library or by submitting their papers electronically. Finally, we want you as instructors to know that the Learning Resource Center is here to support you as well. If at anytime you think your students could benefit from a study skills workshop, feel free to reach out to me and we will be happy to schedule a class visit designed around your personalized request. The Learning Resource Center is committed to providing Austin Peay educators and students with their resources and support that they need in order to thrive academically. We look forward to working with you.

  • Peer tutoring
    • Free!
    • Small group support (individual sessions are also available for Full Spectrum Learning and TRiO Student Support Services)
    • Most general education courses, some upper division math and science
    • Email learningctr@apsu.edu, call (931) 221-6550 or stop my Marks 124 to schedule an appointment
  • Online tutoring
    • Free to all APSU students
    • Access to immediate tutoring 24/7
    • Log into D2L, select any course, click "Resources," then "Subject-Specific Tutoring"
    • Please inform students to NOT go to Tutor.com directly, but rather to access through D2L
  • Community tutoring
    • One-on-one tutoring for the Clarksville community at https://tutormatchingservice.com 
    • $19.00/hour per person
    • All tutoring sessions will occur in either the Learning Resource Center (Marks 124) or at the APSU Woodward Library
  • Structured Learning Assistance (SLA)
    • SLA-supported courses are designed to improve student success. These courses normally fall into two categories: 
      • Courses to help students remove academic deficiencies: designed for those students who enter APSU with ACT/SAT scores that formerly would have placed them in developmental courses that carried no university-level credit.
      • Historically challenging courses: Some courses that have histroically been challenging to students now offer SLA-supported sections of the course. 
    • The lecutre portion of the SLA-supported core courses is meant to be identical to the regular sections of the courses. 
    • SLA-supported sections are supported with workshops led by SLA Leaders - students who have demonstrated academic success in the supported course and have been recommended by departmental faculty for this role. 
    • Students are required to meet 5 hours each week: 3 hours classroom instruction and 2 hours for SLA workshops.
  • Workshops
    • The Learning Resource Center provides "Study Day" workshops for many math and science courses prior to final exams. 
    • Faculty may also request workshops for their classes for subject-specific study skills. 
  • Study and Software Resources
    • Microsoft Student Advantage Program, Microsoft Office for FREE! The offer is available to all students at APSU. If you need assistance with installation or the program contact APSU Help Desk at (931) 221-4357.
    • Outlook, Excel, Work, and PowerPoint resources are also available. 
  • Testing Center
    • Offers a variety of tests which include: ACCUPLACER (Placement) Testing, ACT Residual, CLEP, DSST (Dantes), TEAS, and the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). 
    • The Testing Center website also provides preparation information and/or registration links regarding tests APSU does not administer such as Graduate Record Exam (GRE), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), PRAXIS.

Serives offered:

  • Assistance in writing all sorts of papers, regardless of subject or type of course
  • Teach writing in different styles, i.e., MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, ASA, etc.
  • Review written papers and provide guidance for crrecting errors in grammar, structure, vocabulary, formatting, documenting, and other issues that are related to academic writing
  • Recommend strategies for writing improvement and/or correction

Students must self-register for the "Writing Center Paper Submission" course in D2L in order to submit their papers for review. 

Student Counseling and Health Services

Ard Building
Boyd Health Services: lucasd@apsu.edu (931) 221-7107
Student Counseling Services: counselingservices@apsu.edu (931) 221-6162

Services Offered:

  • Individual Counseling: Currently enrolled students may receive up to 12 FREE individual counseling sessions per year. 
  • Group Counseling - students who have common concerns meet as a group with counselors who are trained and have experience leading groups. In these small groups, students have an opporutnity to share their experience around a specific issue and hear from others who struggle with similar difficulties. 
  • Outreach Programs: If you would like access to any of the outreach services provided through Counseling Services, submit an Outreach Request Form
    • Workshops/Training
    • Presentations
    • General Outreach
    • Consultation
  • Emergency Services: Crisis counseling is offered through Student Counseling Services during regular office hours (8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday) by calaling the office at (931) 221-6162 or stopping by the office in the Ard Building. After hours emergencies or holidays, call APSU Police at (931) 221-7786 or dial 911 for the Clarksville Police Department. 
  • Let's Talk Drop in Counseling - provides easy access to one-on-one, informal, brief consultations with therapists from the APSU counseling center. 

The office of Student Counseling Services offers extensive resources for faculty to assist you with supporting your students. Please refer to their website (www.apsu.edu/health-and-counseling/counseling/faculty-resources) for a full list of these resources and more information. 

Student-Athlete Support Services

Katie Ethridge, Associate Director of Athletics, Student Athlete Success
ethridgem@apsu.edu (931) 221-7605

Hi. My name is Katie Ethridgge. I am the Assistant Athletic Director for academics at Austin Peay. I oversee academic support for our 350 student athletes. In the following slides, you will see an overview of our staff and services as well as the types of communication you receive from our office. Progress reports and travel letters are sent to the professors university email account from an external platform called Grades First. Both items are very important so we can hold our students accountable and provide the appropriate support they need. As you all know, communication is key. If at any point you have a concern about a student athlete, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for all you do.

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