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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Psychology is the study of human behavior - how people grow and develop, how they think and learn.

Psychologists use scientific methods to understand learning, motivation, life-span development, personality, normal and abnormal behavior, group and social behavior, the physiological mechanisms of behavior, sensation and perception, and the application of psychology in the workplace.

The department has a variety of facilities to provide learning and research opportunities. Laboratories for vision, infant development, animal learning, and behavioral physiology are available for faculty and student research.  Rooms equipped with one-way observation windows, video and other monitoring equipment are available for counseling, testing and human research.

The department has arranged for intern and practicum experiences for our students with a variety of community agencies.

News and Events:

Please join the Department in welcoming our newest faculty member:  Dr. Adriane Sanders.  Dr. Sanders received her Ph.D. from the University of Memphis and her area of expertise is Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  Her office is CL 217B, please stop by and say hello.