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Welcome to the Department of Psychological Science and Counseling

Psychological Science is the study of human behavior - how people grow and develop, how they think and learn.

Psychologists use scientific methods to understand learning, motivation, life-span development, personality, normal and abnormal behavior, group and social behavior, the physiological mechanisms of behavior, sensation and perception, and the application of psychological science in the workplace.

The department has a variety of facilities to provide learning and research opportunities. Laboratories for vision, infant development, animal learning, and behavioral physiology are available for faculty and student research.  Rooms equipped with one-way observation windows, video and other monitoring equipment are available for counseling, testing and human research.

The department has arranged for intern and practicum experiences for our students with a variety of community agencies.

News and Events:


It's official - The department formerly known as Psychology is now the Department of Psychological Science and Counseling. Our new name will help our M.S. in Counseling program be more easily recognized within our department and will also reflect the change of the undergraduate major/degree from Psychology to Psychological Science. Starting Fall 2015, new majors will be pursuing a B.A. or B.S. degree in Psychological Science. The program of study and the courses that are needed to complete the major have NOT changed - only the name. This name change aligns us with other top programs in the country that have changed the name of their programs from Psychology to Psychological Science to better emphasize the scientific underpinnings of the discipline. 

 Dr. Deborah Buchanan named Counselor Educator of the Year for Middle TN - Award received in May 2015.

 Dr. Buchanan received the Counselor Educator of Middle TN Award 2015


Psi Chi / Psychology club Halloween-themed bake sale on October 29.  Okay, we're not sure about Gumby either...